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Software Application Migration (Web Application Migration, Mobile Application Migration) is the process of moving a web or mobile application program from one environment to another.

Many organizations have invested thousands (if not millions) of dollars in their existing applications. Most companies now exclusively rely on their web-based applications, which have been custom-oriented to confirm the needs to run their day to day operations of their business processes. Reconstructing the applications, as opposed to maintaining, updating and migrating them, is in general cost prohibitive and often unneeded.

Though software migrations are largely inevitable they are seldom well-planned, and even less frequently budgeted for in terms of time and cost. A poorly plotted and inefficient execution of a migration can cause substantial delays in migration timeline as well as cost overruns, data loss or/and revenue loss ultimately culminating in an unnecessarily terrible and time-consuming exercise that forbids the successful modernization of your web/mobile, application, and infrastructure.

Need of Application Migration

An application migration is inevitably needed for most web and mobile applications, from websites using popular open source applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento as well as complex custom enterprise level web or mobile applications. Migrations happen for many different reasons i.e. server security compromise, disaster recovery, data centre closures, server hardware/operating system upgrades etc., or to establish a scalable or elastic footprint on a cloud infrastructure.

Application Migration Plans

Every web/mobile application or server migration is unique. Developing a plan to accomplish a successful software migration should be based upon the type of web or mobile application requiring migration, the type of source and destination, virtual or physical architecture you′re migrating between, and the application data volume, specifically the dynamic data volume requiring migration.

We have deep expertise in emerging and legacy technologies and have broad experience across industries and domains to script your migration. Atlogys has helped global corporations successfully handle large scale and specific migration initiatives in strengthening their competitive edge.

We provide following Application Migration Solution


  • Apple SDK – iOS 7.x to iOS 8.x
  • Android Migration – compatibility for Android L (Lollipop)
  • Migrate to latest CMS for Drupal and Joomla
  • PHP migration from CORE PHP to MVC like codeIgnitor, Cake, Laravel, Yii etc.
  • Migrate and Upgrade 3rd party libraries, 3rd party API′s in existing codebase
  • Upgrade to latest version of SDK or library
  • Upgrade 3rd party server like a version of Solr, open fire, Lucene etc.


  • Migrate Operating Systems from centOs or other open source versions to Paid versions like RedHat Linux
  • Migrate to latest version of Operating system or database like MS windows server edition, MSSQL edition
  • Upgrade MySql and other host libraries


  • Migrate to Ec2 and Amazon cloud
  • Migrate to load balanced and elastic infrastructure

Partner With Atlogys for Application Migration Solution

Software migration strategy

Software Migration is a specialized process which requires services of experts in software migration area. We, At Atlogys, help clients, across domains with our migration services in transitioning to newer technologies to cater to the arising needs of their business while maintaining complete backward compatibility and ensuring full app runtime.

Atlogys delivers end-to-end software migration services to clients who want to transform their legacy web or mobile applications to blazing fast, extremely stable and vastly secure systems on new-age software application platforms.

Our Strategy

  • Enable you to glean the benefits of effective, economical and seamless migration
  • Provide custom solutions for specific client requirements and POC to critically evaluate solution options
  • Provide system preparedness for potential application migration initiatives
  • Avoid any changes in system functionality and desired end-user cases
  • Carry out comprehensive assessment to develop a clear roadmap and solution blueprint
  • Involves least possible service disruptions and without losing any business-critical data
  • Find/Remove spare code before migration to save total conversion costs

Our Methodology


  • Detail Assessment – Application systematization, inventory recognition, migration strategy & roadmap definition
  • Planning – Selection of target environment and in-depth migration planning
  • Re-engineering & Migration – Re-architecture and migrate the software application to a new operating system, programming language, and database
  • Database Migration – Database/Data server migration, data migration, and cleansing, schema translation
  • Testing & Support Services – Parallel testing, enhancements, bug-fixes, helpdesk services

Our Process

Software app migration process

  • Convert your legacy Web or Mobile application to the new-age technology without any reinvestments
  • Saves 40-60% of time and effort usually involved in revision or migration of legacy software applications and quicker implementation services
  • Re-usability of around 50% of your legacy software application codes bringing you recover the value of your old software applications and reducing up to 40% of your capital investments in current technologies
  • Automated software migration processes with minimal human interference owing to minimal errors
  • Cost as well as Time savings over a complete re-write of the software application
  • Reap the benefits of 3-tier architecture for world-class Quality of Service
  • Availability of cloud infrastructure provides you with virtual infrastructure for cost-effective pay-per-use model which is scalable to demand and gives access to your host software applications anytime anywhere from remote locations
  • Virtualized environments reduce your spending on infrastructure in a drastic manner, also provide support and maintenance cost which results in increasing your ROI