Company Overview

Atlogys is a Technology Consulting company founded by Ex-Google Senior Software Engineers. We have offices in Jaipur, Delhi and Virginia, USA. With 25+ years of Industry experience combined with rock-solid technology acumen, business insight, and an unparalleled passion for computer science; Atlogys helps new ventures, startups, as well as large corporates all over the world, get hassle-free and high-quality digital innovations. We take complete ownership of your technology so you may focus on your business and not the software. Atlogys acts as a one-stop shop providing complete technology management services.

Our Main Service Features

There are many reasons why our clients love us and come to us again and again

Our IT Consulting Services

A complete package consisting of business analysis, technical feasibility analysis, software architecture and design, software vendor procurement, vendor delivery and project management, performance optimizations and audits, cloud deployments and server monitoring.


Our Clients

New Ventures and startups needing web and mobile platforms, applications and technology.

Large corporates with lack of internal IT team and/or lack of internal CTO’s.

Corporates already outsourcing software needs to India BUT which may be having a difficult time managing the ‘outsourcing’ process.


Our Beliefs

We feel that the Process of outsourced software development is inefficient, cumbersome and expensive for the end customer. Many times a fantastic startup idea may fail due to the inefficiencies and incompetencies in the offshore software development model.

Our Team

Ex-Google Senior Software Engineers, Winners of Google Anita Borg and Microsoft Technical Scholarships, Ex-IIT’ians and Bits Pilani Computer Science Graduates with 25+ years of Industry experience, Young Evangelists from Tier-1 colleges like NSIT, IISc, and DCE … And in all an extremely super passionate engineering team that loves to breathe and talk TECH!


Our Mission

Enhance the Outsourced Software Development process by making it TURN-KEY, RELIABLE, AND HASSLE-FREE.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer is King
  • On time Delivery using Right Processes.
  • Technically Solid
  • Our People are our biggest assets

Achievements and Media Coverage

Career at Atlogys

We have a university like culture with board games, bean bags, lava lamps, recliners and colored walls. We encourage learning and want you to take and give tech-talks and attend technical events. At the same time, we will also give you extremely challenging assignments and expect a delivery oriented & disciplined culture in return. Its work hard and Party Harder! We don’t need a coat to be serious and we believe that the Only way to do great work is to Love what you do!

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What People are saying

Joshua Freeman

Very happy with the Quality and Speed of work...

Douglas Roberts

"Atlogys Team sets a new standard in the Industry ... "

David Ross

The BEST we have ever worked with ...

Glenn Fox

Wish we had used Atlogys 3 years ago for our initial development ...

mukesh agarwal
Mukesh Agrawal

A Beautiful Service from Wonderful People ...

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Tom Berger

"Great Advice ... "

Rishabh Kasliwal
Rishabh Kasliwal

"Saved Us Money ... "

Shantanu Sanghi
Shantanu Sanghi

"Much *Needed* Online Exposure ... "

Kartik Mohla
Kartik Mohla

"Unbelievably cost-effective solution & smooth migration ... "

Why Choose Us

Atlogys is NOT like any other offshore software development firm. We do not just Code the software! Instead, we offer a very unique and niche service offering called the Offshore CTO (Chief Technology Officer). It is hands-on consulting to provide a gamut of services which are finely intertwined with the software development lifecycle at all stages before, during and post its inception. Through our engagement, you get better code, sooner which is optimized for your business requirements. In effect, you will save up to 50% in software development timelines and 30% in software development costs