Tom Berger


There are a lot of entrepreneurs who will surely benefit from such a service.

Shantanu Sanghi


Our experience of the website development through Atlogys has been smooth, and results fruitful. SEO implemented has brought about those customers reaching us that would have escaped us; they are hidden prospects. The only way they have reached us is because their search words have resulted in our link. Knowing that there are many suppliers in our industry, having people reach us from across the world proves the effectiveness of the SEO.

The design of the website has appealed every person who has seen, and that includes other web developers and creative designers. The appeal of the site is universal and high class; this is my personal impression and i consider myself discerning about the look of a layout/copyright. The structure is simple and visuals are user friendly, we did not have to deal with any excess clutter. The time saved in the design bit was enormous. It allowed us to focus on the important aspects- value for money & time spent!

We look forward to making the site more effective through your help.

Rishabh Kasliwal


Atlogys consultants provided great value addition to us in terms of application quality, logistics and budget. We were saved from paying almost 80 additional hours of development time because the IT consultants understood what had to be coded – hence they optimized the dev team’s quotation in our favour. Their advice on better/faster algorithms, alternates for complex scenarios and their knowledge of ‘feature implementation time-lines’ went a long way in optimizing both time to completion and cost of the final application. They pro-actively followed up with the development team and performed thorough app testing on aspects that we would have otherwise missed. These program management services provided by them are very useful and a **must-have** for any offshore development contract.

John Stebbins


Ritika is a trusted IT consultant who is particularly talented at meeting the needs of clients, big and small. Notably accomplished in software design and well-versed in the latest IT trends and applications, she approaches each project with a blank-slate perspective and a passion to problem solve. One of her most valuable assets is her keen eye on the business impact of technical decisions.

Ritika has proven her expertise on assignments ranging from CTO/Strategist for a social media start-up, to tactical advisor on an e-Commerce/CRM architecture. Clients are impressed with her accessibility and responsiveness, her ability to deliver products on-time and in-full, and her commitment to follow through to satisfaction. Her friendly attitude towards everyone and willingness to help in any way she can are a very nice bonus!

Mukesh Agrawal


I had the opportunity to work with Ritika on a project where she was instrumental for spearheading both the product and the engineering. Contrary to normal belief that people working on contract don’t do justice because a project is only a ‘project’ to them, I felt completely different working with Ritika. As a CTO providing services through her company, she took ownership and made it obvious at various phases that this to her was like her own project and not just an assignment. If I had to define Ritika , it would be committed , dedicated, dynamic , clear in thought and a person who one can count on for quality delivery and that too on time.

If you can sell your idea to Ritika and get her on board as a partner that’s even better! But this may be difficult because she must be thoroughly convinced about your plan and vision. It will take more than just words to do that.Best of luck Ritika for all your future projects, and I look forward to doing one more with you!

Glenn Fox


I am pleased to furnish a favourable recommendation for Ms Ritika Sanghi of M/s Atlogys Technical Consultants, India. We have been extremely pleased to be associated with her and have both appreciated her services as well as benefitted by from them. She had been, in turn, recommended to us by a Senior Entrepreneur with many decades of experience in Web based Startup ventures and Marketing.

We began to use her services at a time when our Web based Startup have reached a technical deadlock, which prevented us from accessing the market in the way we wished. Obviously, the technical tangles created serious problems for our growth and affected our credibility with our Investors and Associates. Our venture had progressed over almost 3 years and we were faced with difficult choices, in the absence of an appropriate IT solution. We wish we had known Atlogys back then at the time initiating our venture.

When we contacted Ms Ritika Sanghi, she was able to grasp the situation very quickly. Our communication was easy and we were able to explain our complex concerns as well as understand her views fluently. She did dedicated research of the situation to find solutions that were optimized with respect to time, cost and effort. She quickly designed an appropriate solution architecture, and quickly assembled a smart team to help implement same, at competitive terms. She was able to do this in the context of an existing code and existing IT architecture that need to be revamped but not completely discarded.

We are impressed by her honest and clear problem solving solutions, along with her extremely strategic and well-versed execution approach.

Ritika understands Software development very well, follows extremely high standards of web development and has great business intuition which provides tremendous value to non tech-savvy individuals. She seems very excited about her field of work which is always great to find in anybody.

We have no hesitation in strongly recommending her for complex web based designs.

David Ross


I am very happy with the service provided by Atlogys. The company spearheaded and delivered a high-quality design and implementation of our web application startup – kuhono.com.

Atlogys worked for us as an offshore CTO. They showed sound business domain knowledge and understood the intricacies of business processes and transaction flows. They are no-doubt abreast with latest developments and technologies in IT. They did the technical strategy, engineering architecture design and production deployment of our application. They used the latest of tools, algorithms, frameworks and integration methodologies.

Atlogys worked hard with an expert, local Rails development team to get the project developed from scratch using Ruby on Rails. They managed all development, and provided the *very essential* program management and delivery management* services which ensured a smooth, on-time delivery. There was constant collaboration and everyone was always in sync with requirements, changes in requirements, progress, tracking, bugs, schedule, resource allocation, demos, improvements, fixes etc.

There was also lot of enthusiasm and pro-active involvement from Atlogys during the entire stage of application development. *Unlike* normal offshore projects, this made our lives very easy. For e.g. the app was optimized on grounds of scalability, performance and security. There were continuous QA and firefighting sessions. Ritika (owner and tech director at Atlogys) personally did latency measurements and client/server optimizations. All this was smoothly done without much followup.

Ritika was always available for a quick chat and/or discussion. All email replies were very prompt and feedback was quickly addressed. Bugs were resolved asap and I never had to follow up twice on any application issue.

As an IT consultant, Atlogys went over and beyond their approved scope of work, and payed personal attention to make sure the app met all its features, and was delivered on time. Their involvement has helped us save a lot of time, money and effort usually associated with ill-managed and incompetent offshore software development. Atlogys is now managing our production deployment setup, and all site maintenance.
kuhono is a cutting-edge,web-2.0 application built on a scalable & distributed platform to support heavy traffic. It Uses the latest and the most recent of social integration api’s and frameworks.

Joshua Freeman


Really Very happy with the technological competency of the team, and also with the robust architecture planning, with their flexibility and overall speed of progress.

Douglas Roberts


Thank you to everyone at Atlogys. It has been a remarkably smooth development and launch of Painspot.com, and I could not have chosen a more cost effective method to develop my website. The technical expertise, combined with a pleasant, responsive and efficient team sets a new standard in the industry. Keep up the good work!

Kartik Mohla


Atlogys helped us smoothly integrate with an advanced email management and administration application. All our functionality and cost requirements were met in the new solution proposed by the consultants. The consultants are very professional and pleasant to work with. They quickly responded to all our concerns and emails. They quickly setup the new system and comprehensively migrated all our emails to the new platform. There have been no issues and/or glitches in the system ever since.

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