Is Your Web Platform Scalable

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Building Scalable Web Platform

Most Web Applications developed by inexperienced software companies are not scalable. The application runs fine when launched. However, in most cases, as soon as traffic reaches a critical mass, due to bad software design, the web application starts hanging and crashing resulting in a very poor user experience, having a negative impact on the success of the platform. Getting the functionality right is only half the story. It is very important to make sure that the application has scalable web architecture and can scale easily as traffic grows, without having to rewrite large portions of the application to support the increasing traffic.
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Why Your Business Needs Personalized Technology Strategy Consulting

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 Personalized Technology Strategy Consulting

Every Business has their own set of technology needs. It is very important that your software is customized according to the needs of the business. It is well said that one size does not fit all.

To understand the personalized technology strategy consulting process let’s take an example. Say you want to build a Lost & Found website, where both lost and found objects can be listed so that people can find their lost objects and finders and get rewarded.
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