Don’t just sell technology, sell the experience

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How Atlogys builds and scales E-Mailing Systems for its Clients

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Sending emails is fundamental to every online business, and like with every system, there are multiple things we have to keep in mind during such design:

  1. Throughput
  2. Latency
  3. Reliability
  4. Fault-Tolerance
  5. Availability


Satisfying all these parameters is an important pre-requisite to delivering world-class email systems that can be used to send millions of  concurrent emails by millions of users with 100% reliability and assurance of timely delivery.


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How Atlogys is building Fast & Secure VOIP Apps

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A VoIP app (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets the user make and receive phone calls using an Internet connection instead of the device’s cellular service. Because a VoIP app relies heavily on the network, it’s no surprise that making calls results in high energy and battery use. When not in active use, however, a VoIP app should be completely idle to conserve energy.

VOIP (Voice/Video) apps are everywhere and almost everyone is using them whether knowingly or unknowingly. Their presence is huge & so is their acceptability amongst people. They are becoming a trend-setter for Businesses as they allow them to own their personal space where consumers can reach them directly. Parallel to Brick-Mortar shops, VOIP apps are becoming popular online shops where a customer can talk/bargain/order to vendor & vendor can give personalized quotes using power of Data Analytics. Continue reading “How Atlogys is building Fast & Secure VOIP Apps” »