6 Sure-Fire Mobile Application Development Secrets That Work

secrets of successful mobile apps development

We all will agree to the fact that mobile phones have travelled a long journey and evolved at a very fast pace. These are no longer just a means of communication but serve multiple purposes with the help of different mobile applications. The mobile application development companies have also witnessed a giant leap in the form of smart phones and advanced tablets running on different operating systems.

As the demand for the mobile applications increases, the mobile applications development process needs to be strengthened and has to cater to the diverse customer requirements. There are approximately 2 million mobile applications available in the market. But many customers use the mobile application just once and then delete it due to the inefficiency of the application. The reasons could be application crash, slow application, application launch fault and/or unexpected application behavior.

Mobile Application Development

In order to cater to the countless customer requirements, the mobile application development companies need to master the mobile applications development. The mobile application developers need to ensure the best possible solution due to different screen sizes, hardware requirements and configurations of the mobile devices.

Apart from the configuration aspects, the mobile application development process needs to design the appropriate mobile user interface. For example, the mobile application developers (say android developers) need to consider the various factors like versioning of the operating system, accomplishing a task using fewer keystrokes and managing specific functionality without delay. The developers for iOS mobile application development might experience while developing the mobile applications.

tips to apps developments

It is the culmination of both mobile user interfaces i.e. the front-end and the back-end that supports data access to the enterprises. Apart from the mobile application development companies, various mobile application consulting agencies are thriving for effective and efficient mobile applications.

The mobile application testing also plays a vital role in mobile application development. There are many emulators (Google Android) and simulators available for performing the mobile application testing. Some popular testing tools are eggplant, Ranorex and Testdroid.

Secrets for Developing Successful Mobile Applications

The main secrets for developing successful customer-friendly mobile applications are:

  1. Developing a great (useful) mobile application
  2. Enforcing friends/groups capability
  3. Ensuring operating system portability
  4. Catering the small markets
  5. Effective marketing, tracking and evaluating
  6. Making the mobile application free

It is important for the mobile application to be in full conformance with the customer requirement(s). For example, the functionality of the mobile application should prove itself in terms of design, visually as well as functionally. The mobile applications that enforce the involvement of groups tend to be more popular and attract the masses. For example, WhatsApp and Instagram are two such engaging mobile applications.

The next secret for developing a successful mobile application is portability across the different operating systems. Although the smart phones and mobile applications were introduced in the form of iPhone(s) but the portability aspects must not be compromised for Android platforms. The best test for the mobile applications can be observed within the smaller markets. After the mobile application(s) prove the usability and functionality at a smaller scale, it can be confidently launched in the bigger market.

The mobile application should be well promoted and should be a part of marketing campaigns. Further, there should be a complete support in the form of tracking/evaluating tools to determine as to what happens inside the mobile application(s). Although the mobile application can be monetized with the in-app purchases but the customer feels great if the mobile application is available for free.


Although it is a fact that there are always known limitations associated with the mobile applications but the user-friendliness and optimized functionality should be the driving force for the development of these mobile applications.