Don’t just sell technology, sell the experience

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How Atlogys builds and scales E-Mailing Systems for its Clients

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Sending emails is fundamental to every online business, and like with every system, there are multiple things we have to keep in mind during such design:

  1. Throughput
  2. Latency
  3. Reliability
  4. Fault-Tolerance
  5. Availability


Satisfying all these parameters is an important pre-requisite to delivering world-class email systems that can be used to send millions of  concurrent emails by millions of users with 100% reliability and assurance of timely delivery.


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How Atlogys is building Fast & Secure VOIP Apps

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A VoIP app (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets the user make and receive phone calls using an Internet connection instead of the device’s cellular service. Because a VoIP app relies heavily on the network, it’s no surprise that making calls results in high energy and battery use. When not in active use, however, a VoIP app should be completely idle to conserve energy.

VOIP (Voice/Video) apps are everywhere and almost everyone is using them whether knowingly or unknowingly. Their presence is huge & so is their acceptability amongst people. They are becoming a trend-setter for Businesses as they allow them to own their personal space where consumers can reach them directly. Parallel to Brick-Mortar shops, VOIP apps are becoming popular online shops where a customer can talk/bargain/order to vendor & vendor can give personalized quotes using power of Data Analytics. Continue reading “How Atlogys is building Fast & Secure VOIP Apps” »

Real World HealthCare Apps by Atlogys

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 In today’s time, technology plays an important role in every possible industry, but out of all the industry there is one which is closest to our lives and impacts us directly  The Healthcare industry.

The contribution of technology in healthcare is growing at an exponential pace and opening infinite possibilities for measurement, tracking and diagnosis.

For example, A mobile app can within seconds and at the press of a button find out drug related information, show research studies, pull out patient history of records, prescriptions, and provide medical adherence data on which medicines are due to be taken when.
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6 Sure-Fire Mobile Application Development Secrets That Work

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secrets of successful mobile apps development

We all will agree to the fact that mobile phones have travelled a long journey and evolved at a very fast pace. These are no longer just a means of communication but serve multiple purposes with the help of different mobile applications. The mobile application development companies have also witnessed a giant leap in the form of smart phones and advanced tablets running on different operating systems.
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As an Entrepreneur Should I invest In-house Techies or Outsource to Software Development Companies?

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hire full time or outsourceToday’s world with its technical advancements leads to a global connection amongst various business sectors. Many startup entrepreneurs are also trying to utilize this connection in order to grow and prosper in the respective domains. Now, the big question is that whether these startup entrepreneurs should invest in-house techies or outsource to software development companies.
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Software Outsourcing Services is Much More Than Just Coding and Implementation

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coding and implementation

Software outsourcing services are widely utilized by clients to create different software products within an estimated budget and stipulated timeline. However, outsourcing software development includes an entire gamut of processes and is Not restricted to just the coding and implementation phases.
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What are the characteristics of a Good Software Test Management System

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software test management system

In the earlier decades, the process of software development did not involve too much of an effort in managing the software quality testing processes. But, now the software development process not only follows the agile methodology but also accesses the various cloud applications. Accordingly, the requirement of a good software test management system arises.
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Successful Mobile Application Migration – Checklist & Considerations

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Today, every organization whether small or big needs to be part of the mobile world involving not only the development of mobile applications but also effective migration of these mobile applications. Although there is a tremendous potential for mobile development but this opportunity is also accompanied with the challenges posed by the various operating systems and features/requirements.
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How to Plan for Future Growth through Web Architecture Scalability?

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web architecture scalability

The advancement in the development and usage of web applications has been phenomenal but has been plagued with various challenges. These challenges may be due to the ever increasing number of users, large amount of services and/or several transactions that tend to overload the Internet manifold. These challenges have led to the need for designing web architecture that is optimized for scalability.
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