Do I need Program Management? Software Program Management?

Program Management is about understating your needs from a business perspective and then converting them into a solution that can be technically implemented. It is about understanding your requirements and then understanding your budget, audience so use-case so that all details can be feasibly addressed in your software and its making.

The value addition from softwate program management is equivalent to the value addition of an architect on a house construction project, the value addition from a total local-shopaholic on your next new-town shopping trip, and the value-addition from talking to the chef prior to gorging at your next expensive restaurant visit.

An IT program manager is someone who will understand your needs and provide the most optimized and ideal solution that will address all demands in one go. An IT savvy person who understands technology and who has a passion for problem solving. Someone well versed with enterprise practices and standards and someone who stays upbeat with latest trends in IT to meet those industry challenges.

If you are considering offshore software development, it is highly recommended to use the services of a trained and experienced program manager. The first step should be to approach the PM (Program Manager) to get the project specifications outlined and designed. As an ongoing process, the PM should work dedicatedly with your software development teamto make sure the project adheres to its quality, to test the project specs, to get the project optimized on grounds of latency, security and to ensure constant and smooth follow-up and collaboration.

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