Don’t just sell technology, sell the experience

You may be a customer looking to find the *perfect* IT vendor that you can hire to develop your next software application.You will, as you should, evaluate companies on basis of experience, portfolio, team skills, delivery track record and pricing. However, there is ONE thing that can *truly* set aside a company from its competition.

And that is How they make you feel!

What is the experience one has while working with a company?

Is it memorable?

Is it worth talking about ?

A lot of vendors make customized software, but what really sets one apart is the extent to which they passionately tie themselves with the product, how dedicated and committed they are, how patient they are,  and how they stretch themselves above and beyond to truly create that hassle-free and high quality experience for their clients.

… And it is this sole virtue, this sole mantra that has been responsible in us, Atlogys, getting 95% repeat business YoY for last 5 years and a 90% hit ratio in getting referrals from existing clients!

At Atlogys we don’t just believe in selling the technology . We believe in selling the experience !

So when you are in the process of selecting one out of many competitors, then, provided they pass all other basic items in your checklist, pick the one whose previous clients or references can VOUCH for One or more of the following soft skills, or interact with their senior leadership and see if you witness one or more of the following:


Integrity – Doing what is right at all times even when (stress) *no one* is watching

Patience – Not just waiting… but keeping a (stress) good and (stress) positive attitude while waiting…

Passion – The Only way to do good work is to (stress) *love* what you do !

Comfort – Do you feel in safe hands with them?

Commitment –Will they go out of their way to meet your goals?


We at Atlogys are technology fanatics and we *love* to make products used by *millions* of people around the world. This keeps the *Thrill* and the *Kick* intact!

Our 5 core values which keep us motivated day in and day out are:


So once again join hands with a supplier who believes in

Don’t just sell technology, sell the experience !

Links to sample case studies by Atlogys where we worked with our clients like “their team”for them to make their projects a success , and wherein we have assured a completely *smooth and hassle free* experience are available at


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