How to Judge a Service Provider

We are all usually in the market at different times looking to get some work done and trying to find that perfect somebody who will do it for us. Who we lookout for in such situations is usually someone as follows:

  • Should fulfill all my requirements
  • Should be easy to deal with and trustful
  • Should provide good value for the price paid.

However, how many times do we actually feel fully contended and happy with the service delivered to us? There is no going back and the only thing we realize after getting the service is that there were better alternatives out there.

Its like trying to judge a hair stylist, choosing one and realizing after your hair-do that this was not what you expected in the first place. After a few days, you end up hearing about this ideal hair stylist who would have been just perfect for you !!

Or like trying to decide which movie to watch from a choice of 2, choosing one and realizing the other one would have been a much better utilization of our time.

! shrug ! So do you dread choosing a new service provider?

Try and follow these simple rules (often ignored by most of us) while choosing a provider:

  • Work with people who appear to be happy. Merry people are more efficient and productive at their jobs. And never sit in front of a hairstylist who is angry !!
  • First impression matters. Choose people who appear friendly and pleasant. Avoid the snobbish, the arrogant and the finicky.
  • Judge their work culture and attitude from the way they treat you.
  • Try and judge their passion for their work by asking them about previous instances, anecdotes and/or incidents.

Ofcourse , you must look for the usual shebang like their work experience, qualifications and other technicalities like that, but the four points mentioned above will have a far better stance at landing you with the *perfect* service provider.

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