Output of Technical Consulting

What is IT consulting all about? What does it mean to talk IT or to talk technology?

IT consulting is about understanding the needs of the clients, analyzing various solutions with respect to client’s needs, budget, sclability, sustainability and proposing optimal software solutions. The solutions can be:

  • New bespoken designs and implementations
  • Off the shelf market products
  • Opensource technical solutions integrated and tweaked for a certain need.

The basics of IT consulting are as follows:

  • Understand IT need
  • Create product specifications
  • Conceptualize and Compare different technical solutions for solving need
  • Present the optimal technical solutions to the client
  • Suggest engineering technologies, methodologies and strategies for addressing need
  • Create a software requirement specifications
  • Create a data flow diagram
  • Identify and define engineering components
  • Create an engineering architecture
  • Suggest roadmap and delivery timelines

Atlogys Technical Consulting is an effort towards providing business with ‘one of its kind’, expert technical consulting on all their IT needs and requirements. We provide a packaged service that also includes expert vendor selection and expert product followup.

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