Real World HealthCare Apps by Atlogys

 In today’s time, technology plays an important role in every possible industry, but out of all the industry there is one which is closest to our lives and impacts us directly  The Healthcare industry.

The contribution of technology in healthcare is growing at an exponential pace and opening infinite possibilities for measurement, tracking and diagnosis.

For example, A mobile app can within seconds and at the press of a button find out drug related information, show research studies, pull out patient history of records, prescriptions, and provide medical adherence data on which medicines are due to be taken when.

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Technology can track when your healthcare insurance renewal is due, what was your claim history and predict your renewal premium. It can alert your care takers about your health parameters and configure alerts when certain parameters go out of bounds, especially biometric parameters . All of us can ask the technology application to keep track of our food intake, heart rate and exercise schedules, steps walked, and other daily activities so as to ensure adherence with our goals given our age, and prior illnesses. These apps can go an extra step and can even PREDICT upcoming illness and inform us about proactive steps to be taken to avoid the same.

Given the advancements in security and privacy compliances, the technology is now a notch higher in ensuring safe share and availability of information. Further advances in hardware like face reader, fingerprints, Iris, and Voice further ensure our data stays secure and n=only accessible to those who we allow.

We have a history and a fantastic track record of making such advanced cross platform mobile and web based healthcare technology platforms. Healthcare technology designed and coded by us is being used by Millions of people all over the world.

Listing below our Core Clients and Project samples where we have delivered large-scale business intelligent healthcare apps that have helped in B2B as well as B2C digital transformation and allowed for automation of many processes and data collection.

1. Apollo Munich Health Insurance – Atlogys revamps online process of buying and renewing insurance for health, travel for group and self.

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  • Reduced load time by over 70%
  • Simplified process by reducing clicks by 60%, and
  • Increased online renewal rate by over 150%.


2. Dr Lal Path Lab – technology helps agents plan route/trip better by optimizing distance to be travelled to collect multiple samples in a day.



  • Increase in efficiency of field agents by roughly 30%
  • Overall cost saving of roughly 25% to labs
  • Reduction in time travelled/distance of roughly 20%.


3. PainSpot – Atlogys makes an animated body tool which can be used to select your area of pain. Then answer a series of intelligently posted multiple choice questions after which the app will self-diagnose and mention your plausible reasons for pain along with diagnosis to be followed. Send this to your doctor for analysis and affirmation if required.

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  • Being used by 5 million plus users in USA
  • Acquired by GHLF (Global Health Living Foundation) in 2018


4. Johnson and Johnson – Atlogys helps with security architecture of the Care4today app for its Janssen healthcare division.


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App used by millions of people all over the world for medical adherence.

Available both on web as a progressive web app and on iOS and Android mobile smartphones.

Atlogys provides customized large-scale technology platforms for your business use case. We will work with you end to end to provide a hassle free experience while delivering a world class product that is scalable, performance friendly and secure.

Our services include:

  • Digital Transformation solutions on web and mobile – Includes but not restricted to healthcare, social collaboration, analytics, telecom, eCommerce, Content Management, CRM, M-commerce.
  • Technology consulting and Feasibility
  • Large scale system Architecture design
  • End to End Testing
  • Cloud Optimization and Deployments