Case Studies – Business Solutions for Day-to Day Operations (Customized)

Inspire One

InspireOne is a leading HR consulting firm based in Delhi, India which helps companies convert their human potential to organizational capability, through comprehensive solutions in the areas of Leadership Development, Sales Management, Productivity Enhancement and Organizational Change.


HR Consulting


Shortlisting, Deployment and Installation of an appropriate 3rd party solution as per needs.


The client was very unsatisfied with their existing application for doing email management and administration. They were paying a lot for an application that had very little features for email management. They wanted more control and more flexibility along with ease of usage. All existing mails had to be switched to new platform without any glitch.


As IT Consultants, we understood their exact requirements, their budgets and timeline for indtoducing a new solution. As per these needs,we surveyed the market for a reliable and secure 3rd party solution that will meet all constraints. The solution was selected and installed for the client. All existing emails were migrated.

There have been no issues till date with the new deployment.


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