Product: Web platform for Online Insurance Renewals

Client: Apollo Munich Health Insurance, India


Apollo Munich Health Project entailed enabling the digital transformation of over 1 million yearly health insurance buyers to bring them online for quick and seamless insurance renewal and increase overall conversions.

Atlogys was responsible for end-to-end project deliverable, right from conceptualization, design, and architecture, to end-to-end development (around 18 man-months of development), testing and deployment at scale.

  • 2. If Family_Review Policy + Upsell

Atlogys Scope and Contributions:

  • Creation of Technical Requirements Specifications (SRS) [Business  IT Conversion]
  • In-depth conversations with the client to understand business objectives and strategy.
  • Interface with various stakeholders and divisions within the organization to document all workflows and rules for renewal, upsell, cross-sells for a system which lacked any documentation.
  • Interface with design team to ensure latest web and usability standards
  • Creation of Technical Architecture Document (HLD)
  • Design Middleware to interface with various SOAP/REST APIs in parallel to improve performance
  • Define and Document all backend API calls and methods, JSON response formats
  • Identify technologies and design to account for Performance, security, scalability
  • Architect Algorithm & workflows for renewal upsells and cross-sells
  • Define security model and interactions with third-party payment providers to ensure quick and secure payments
  • Conceptualize CDN and LoadBalanced Hardware Deployment Stack for Staging and Prod
  • Complete HTML/CSS development – Responsive for three platforms with a mobile-first approach
  • Full Project Planning and Distribution into Sprints – Complete Scrum Planning
  • Full Coding of Complete Frontend Application
  • Code Review and Ongoing Technical R&D
  • QA Testing
  • Deployment to various environments (dev, QA, staging, production)
  • Logging and Analytics to measure renewal/upsell/cross-sell rates before and after on a continuous basis


  • AngularJS, Ajax, HTML5
  • REST-based API’s
  • NodeJS Middleware to talk to Renewal Backend
  • Linux, Ngnix & CDN Hosting on AWS including S3 and CloudFront.


  • Simple and fast online renewal
  • Various rules for offering renewal based on policy-type & claims, etc.
  • Offer upsells to increase sum insured based on rules
  • Offer various cross-sell products to increase revenue
  • Custom Middleware to interface with existing renewal backend

Resources aligned by Atlogys

Total of 18 months of development


  • Reduced load time by over 70%
  • Simplify process by reducing clicks by 60%
  • Increased online renewal rate by over 150%
  • Used by hundreds of thousands of users in India yearly