Product: Recruitment Platform for Top Talent Hunt

Client: Top HR recruiter/headhunder, NY, USA


The company is focused on helping employers all over to find, hire and manage talent by combing software services, advertising on an easy to use platform and connecting employers to human capital.
Atlogys was hired to single-handedly and dedicatedly manage (from scratch) the end-to-end software development and deployment of its latest web-based professional recruitment platform.



  • API-base web-services approach
  • Recruiter registration, profile (including from LI), Photo Upload
  • Company registration, user management – Invite users with ACL’s and user permissions
  • Resume Upload module, with following support:
    • Upload from Simple files and folders (including drag and drop and .zip and .rar files)
    • Upload from Cloud Services like – Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive integration
    • Upload Email attachments including folder selection – from IMap and Outlook
    • MS Exchange Server Integration for accessing emails and attachments
    • Outlook backup files(.pst files) – including folder selection
  • Support for large number of files – upto 1GB / 1,000,000 files
  • Offline, batch processes configured to support scalable, recoverable processing of large number of files.
  • Resume Parsing using third-party Daxtra parser
  • Resume Indexing (for search) using Daxtra Search Server
  • Resume Searching – indexing, filtering, searching, pagination, favourites list, etc.
  • Credits management – buy resumes, earn credits, redeem credits to download resumes
  • Billing and Payments – integration with Paypal and Stripe, recurring payments, etc.
  • Email and SMS templates supporting Mail Merge features for mass mailing

Atlogys Role

  • Creation of Technical Requirements Specifications (SRS) [Business  IT Conversion]
    • In-depth conversations with client to understand business objectives and strategy. Discuss all usage scenarios, suggest appropriate workflows, validate assumptions, perform technical evangelism & technical feasibility analysis.
  • Creation of Technical Architecture Document (HLD)
    • Define and Document all backend API calls and methods, json response formats
    • Architect Algorithm & workflow for credit management
    • Architect Asynchronous Module for batch resume upload utilizing Queue and messaging based systems and nodeJS backend server with event triggers.
    • DB schema design, Account for Performance, security, scalability
  • Complete HTML/CSS development – Responsive for three platforms
  • Full Project Planning and Distribution Milestones
  • Full Coding of Complete Frontend and Backend Application Servers
  • Ongoing Project Management – Complete resource Planning and Delivery Management
  • Code Review and Ongoing Technical R&D
  • QA Testing
  • Deployment to various environments (dev, qa, staging)


  • Axure – Wire framing
  • HTML/Bootstrap – FrontendSails MVC Framework (Node.js)
  • Backend – Strongloop API Framework (Node.js)
  • REST API’s
  • MySQL &CouchBase – Data Persistence
  • Daxtra (3rd party Server) – for Resume Parsing and Search
  • Apache – Web Server
  • AWS – Cloud deployment (EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, etc.)
  • GitHub – as a code repository
  • JIRA – as an Agile tool for project management and development
  • 3rd party Integrations – Twilio for SMS,Mailchimp for Email and Tracking, Various Frontend 3rd party Node/JS plugins, including -Flow.js (file upload with drag/drop), Cropper (photo upload)


  • Integration in nodeJS for Outlook mail Import and Outlook backup Import – Build custom plugin from scratch using curl with all error handling.
  • Supporting BULK upload of MILLIONS of files simultaneously – Files were sharded. The upload,processing, parsing, indexing were written as series of batch jobs which used Async, event-driven nature of nodeJS.