Product: Cross Platform Mobile App with Web Presence

Client: experChat Inc, Maryland, USA


Experchat is a B2C Cross-Platform Mobile & Web application that connects users with experts (starting with fashion & beauty) and provides a rich audio, video, text chat experience to both from their homes. Users can book sessions with experts and then have live audio/video calls using their mobile devices including session extension and much more.

Atlogys engineered experChat to be a cutting-edge, web 2.0 & mobile platform which has been built on a scalable and distributed micro-services architecture to support heavy traffic. It integrates with complex WebRTC and push notification engines, real-time chat, and feed frameworks to give the best-in-class audio/video/chat experience.

ExperChat Inc is headed by a serial entrepreneur based in USA with a history of four successful businesses in the technology and industrial space which have led to big Mergers by public companies and also to successful VC exits.

We were responsible for end-to-end project deliverable, right from conceptualization, design, and architecture, to end-to-end software development (around 150 man-months of development), testing and deployment at scale.



  • Expert and User Registration & Profile (Facebook)
  • End-to-end rich WebRTC-based calling between users & experts, including various scenarios around reconnecting, handling network issues, session extension, etc.
  • Personalized feeds for users based on interests with Experts posting content from social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Blogs)
  • Real-time chat between users and experts
  • Extensive review & ratings systems
  • Advanced searching across experts and content including filtering and sorting
  • Appointment scheduling module with availability slots for experts
  • Various types of personalized on platform notifications including mobile notifications for call reminders, etc.
  • Email notifications – including daily digest
  • Seamless Payments integration for collecting payments form users and distribution to Experts.
  • Rich Analytics for experts and ExperChat admin.

Technical Challenges Overcome

End-to-end WebRTC Calling – Rich audio/video calling is at the heart of the Experchat Platform. Architecting and implementing it was a challenge as it involved taking Tokbox SDKs which only supports conference calling and combining that with PubNub, APNS, FCM for notifications to repurpose it from one-on-one VOIP calling plus handling scenarios like network disruption, reconnecting, session extension, multiple devices and much more.


  • Both Expert and User Apps have been launched on the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store and web in Q3 2017.
  • Invited by Tech Crunch Startup Alley in San Francisco, USA in 2017 as one of the most innovative products of the year
  • Currently working on continuous enhancements as well as other applications of the platform including verticals like brick-and-mortar retail, healthcare, etc.