Product: Payment Gateway System (Complete Digital Toolkit for Payments)

Client: PeachPayments, South Africa


Peach Payments provides payment solutions to online and mobile businesses enabling them to easily accept conventional as well non-conventional modes of online/offline payments from consumers across the globe and especially from those in the emerging markets.

It is the largest payment gateway in South Africa quickly expanding to many countries in the continent like Kenya, Egypt etc and being used by many online merchants for processing payments on their technology platforms.

Atlogys has been working for PeachPayments as their primary outsourcing partner and has been responsible for end-to-end project deliverables for all software development projects including:

Merchant Console: Using the console merchants can view details of all their transactions. There is also an automated pipeline for storage, reconciliation with data from different banks and sources, settlement & invoicing based of various per-merchant pricing rules, risk management and more which also exposed via the merchant console.

PaySafe: enables payment collections for verticals like travel and offline, by giving merchants the option to create online payment links that can be shared with users by SMS or email for easy payment. Seamless integration with various accounting software like Sage and Xero is also provided.



Merchant Console:

  • Post-processing and storage of all ALL transaction logs for all payments from different channels using webhooks and scheduler during complete transaction lifecycle.
  • Reconciliation of transactions using data from various different banks and sources
  • Automatic settlement to the merchants based on their settlement cycle.
  • Automatically generating merchant invoices based on per-merchant pricing rules.
  • Creation of debit order batch to process payments.
  • Rich merchant console, to expose all transaction, settlement and invoicing data including search, export, etc.
  • Automated merchant on-boarding and provisioning (in progress)
  • Risk Management and mitigation using various business intelligence techniques (in progress)
  • Rich SuperAdmin panel for merchant management, auditing and manual intervention.
  • Various load-testing and audits in place to insure security, stability and scalability of the platform.


  • Creating Payment Invoice manually and automatically by using SAGE and XERO.
  • Accepting payments from the customer using different payment channels including EFT, SID, etc.
  • Storing transaction activity log for the payment during complete transaction cycle.
  • Saving transactions in single data storage from different channels using webhook or schedular jobs.
  • Advanced Searching in transaction DB.

Technical Challenges Overcome

Common Interface for Merchant: We need to provide a common interface to the merchants where merchants can view all the transactions processed from different sources. We had gathered the transactions from different sources and in different formats. These had to be analyzed and modified into a common defined format of the transaction object.


  • Processing USD 150M+ of transactions annually and growing at >100% YoY.
  • Automate the process of reconciliation, settlement and invoice generation which reduce processing time of invoice and settlement from days to few minutes.
  • New merchants, can onboard in the system automatically, by providing few details and documents for KYC, it increases the reach to client by 50%.
  • Before the development of console, merchant had to interact with different systems to check the transactions details from different sources. With common console, it helps them to interact with single system for multiple sources of transaction which increases work efficiency of the merchant by 80%.