Product: Workforce Analytics and Other Projects

Client: Florida, USA based Enterprise


Our Client delivers the industry’s only wage tool that keeps pace with market fluctuations and meets the needs of both procurement and human resource professionals by supplying real-time data for contract labor rates and the full-time salary market.

Our Client is a B2B business managed by extremely superior and renowned executives with a world class Board Of Directors.. The firm can proudly be called as the world’s only People Stock Exchange. Its technology is unique and supreme.

Atlogys is a valued Technology Partner of this enterprise and is responsible for end-to-end project deliverables for many of their software development projects in particular Building of their next generation web interface and backend using the latest in JS (ReactJS) and Python (GraphQL) technologies to completely replace and revamp their existing site.



  • Identify optimal locations for deployment of personnel
  • Compare rates in multiple markets anywhere in the world
  • Verify critical decisions with in-depth research and analysis
  • Gain critical insights from leading industry experts
  • Data Optimization: Convert and upgrade your catalog of Job titles and description
  • Customized Rate Cards: Track all your jobs and rates in one dynamic interface
  • Get local rates anywhere from the world
  • Have customized tools for workflow planning
  • Negotiation worksheets to help with understanding base rate and contract rates, etc.

Technical Challenges Overcome

Integration with microservices: Our Client’s system is comprised of many microservices. Some of the services supported different authentication system. To resolve the issue we created a util which supports authentication token for all microservices and used that token for all API calls. In few cases we need to call multiple microservice for an module to create data for FE, and interact with different databases, to overcome this we fetch data from microservice request and get details of the data from main database to handle consistency.


  • Over 150 million live rates processed.
  • Estimated $2.3 billion saving for clients
  • Simplify process by reducing number of clicks by 50%.
  • Reduced load time by over 80% using graphQL
  • Detailed analysis of data is shown using graphical components.

More details available on request