Product: Crowdsourcing Executive Recruitment Platform

Client: HR Recruiter, Seattle, USA


RecruitMates is an enterprise software that enables digital collaboration for recruiting teams. Using digitization and crowd-sourcing it aims to improve team cohesion, innovation and effectiveness leading to more focused candidates in a shorter time period.
Atlogys was hired to single-handedly and dedicatedly manage (from scratch) the end-to-end software development and deployment for recruitmates.com
Launched with 10 beta clients with more than 8k Jobs and more than 120k resumes in a period of 6 months.



  • Company and user registration with custom roles and permissions
  • Concept of recruit assistance – entering details of position where help is required
  • Allowing community to share talent per position.
  • Automatic Resume Parsing for resumes
  • Reviews, ratings, comments & chat for true collaboration
  • Search for positions/talent with advanced filters, etc.
  • Knowledge base for teams with discussions, questions, wikis, etc.
  • Rich personalized activity stream for users and teams
  • Real-time push alerts and email notifications
  • Billing and payments with subscription model.


  • PHP (CakePHP), REST APIs
  • HTML5, Javascript, Ajax
  • MongoDB & MySQL,
  • AWS (S3, CloudFront, EC2, ELB, RDS, SES)
  • Solr Search Server
  • Linux

3rd Party Integrations

  • PDF Viewer.js for Resume Parsing
  • Pusher for push notifications
  • FB, LI for social signup
  • Daxtra for resume parsing
  • Sendgrid for emails
  • Zendesk for support and feedback
  • PayPal and Stripe for Billing

Atlogys Role

  • Creation of Technical Requirements Specifications (SRS) [Business  IT Conversion]
    • In-depth conversations with client to understand business objectives and strategy. Discuss all usage scenarios, suggest appropriate workflows, and validate assumptions.
  • Creation of Technical Architecture Document (HLD)
    • Define & Document all API calls & DB Design schema design accounting for Performance, security, scalability
    • Architect activity streams workflow for the same to make it scalable, fault-tolerant and real-time.
  • Complete HTML/CSS development – Responsive for three platforms
  • Ongoing Development, Project Management, QA Testing, Code Review and other SDLC processes