Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions [ Launch Setup and Deployment Architecture ]

Once an application is complete, it must be hosted in production so it can serve live traffic. Depending on site usage patterns and activity trends, a suitable machine setup is required to sustain the load. We understand what it takes to run and maintain a busy application with 99.99% uptime and consistent serving speed.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Computing Layers

We can help provide the following services:

  • Create a production deployment architecture that will work for your application.
  • Setup, deploy and maintain an application on the cloud – Amazon, Engine Yard, Salesforce.
  • Pick the right machine size and instance setup for running the application.
  • Perform application load balancing and app cloning.
  • Account for a distributed serving architecture as per traffic patterns.
  • Provide caching layers across all machine instances.
  • Setup app version control and sync with deployment setup.
  • Setup caching layers and proxy layers for traffic routing.
  • Provide shared, dedicated and managed hosting services.
  • Perform application software upgrades and updates.