Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing Strategy

Cloud computing strategy consulting analyses the existing deployment architecture (if any) along with business scaling requirements and creates a technical strategy that includes deployment, migration and/or monitoring plan(s) which is cost-optimized and in-line with the client’s overall scalability and availability (uptime) goals.

At Atlogys our cloud computing consultants are experts in all the latest public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Computing (GCC). We analyze and understand your business needs and growth plan to come up with a technically solid cloud deployment, migration and monitoring plan that is *tailor-made* for you.

Cloud Computing Services

We provide following Cloud Services:

  • Cloud Deployment – This includes two components – the first is to design the overall cloud deployment architecture, along with guidelines and best coding practices to be followed. The second component is the actual cloud deployment as per the architecture above, which involves server configuration and code deployment and can additionally include things like setting up testing/staging environments and automated deployment scripts as per the requirements.
  • Cloud Migration – This is the process of moving existing application architecture from non-cloud infrastructure to the cloud. At Atlogys we pride ourselves to achieve this in a technically optimized and efficient manner to ensure minimum downtime and seamless and bug-free migration to the cloud.
  • Cloud Monitoring & support – This includes identifying both server and application levels metrics and setting up robust monitoring for the same, along with appropriate alerts in case thresholds are crossed. This coupled with ongoing support ensures server issues are quickly identified and resolved and new servers deployed (as required) without affecting user experience in any way.

Cloud Computing Strategy

The following are some of the key parts of our cloud computing consulting strategy:

  • Current Deployment Review and Analysis
  • Deployment Architecture (optimized for you)
  • Cloud Migration/deployment plan along with best coding practices
  • Oversee the entire migration/deployment process to ensure minimum downtime and make it completely hassle-free
  • Setup Robust Monitoring
  • Provide ongoing support and 24×7 coverage as well if required.

Partner with Atlogys for Cloud Computing Consulting & Strategy

Cloud Computing Consulting ensures that your cloud deployment strategy is best aligned with your current and future business requirements. Further, it ensures that your up-front server costs are negligible, with NO fixed hardware costs nor any need for capital investment.

At Atlogys we take this a step further to study the different application components and optimize each one to come up with an architecture that scales seamlessly as usage and/or the number of users increase right from day one. This along with robust monitoring and support means that once configured you never have to worry about things like server load, traffic spikes, downtime, etc.