Product: Web based Cx Commissioning Database for Internal Operations

Client: Enernoc Inc, CA, USA


The Cx Commissioning Database is a responsive web based application used by Energy consultants and contractors which provides them with a highly Customized, Personalized and a dynamic interface for  ‘FIELD – DATA COLLECTION, MANAGEMENT & REVIEW’

Enernoc Inc is the third largest energy consulting firm in the US also listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Atlogys was hired by Enernoc Inc to revamp the traditional IT outsourcing which they were getting done in India, and to get a more hassle-free and reliable experience. Atlogys took over and delivered and end-to-end project which involved full design, development, testing and deployment of the  web application for measuring and tracking energy systems.


  • Reporting App from IT service Provider
  • Reporting App from IT service Provider


  • Creation of multiple projects (per building)
  • Workflow system for data entry, approval and closure
  • System Analysis Data collected and visualized for units like Chiller plants, Air handling units, Boiler plants, Lighting systems etc
  • Report Generation for Data collection and Measurements
  • Templates for (FPT) Functional Programming Tests could be customized, filled and printed 7 levels of access privileges across users – Admin, Eng1/2/3, Project manager, Observer, Contractor
  • PDRLs generation

Technical Challenges Overcome

Evangelism – Understand the energy domain knowledge in terms of operational workflow and convert that into a technical FSM (finite state machine). Implement a complex user permission matrix that involved 7 layer of rights with with over 20+ R and W privileges.


Optimized the quotation received by client from alternate vendor – After understanding the exact ‘quanta of work’, we laid out an optimal value for the ‘number’ of man-months of development that the project should entail along with the execution process and timeline. This way we Saved the client 20 man months of work from original development proposal for the same quantity and quality of work. They got a more hassle-free and foolproof experience that is cherished till date.

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