Product: Web Redesign and Revamp of guru.com

Client: Guru, Inc in Pittsburgh, USA


Guru.com wanted to completely revamp and refresh its User Interface on their online web app – Promote a rich, more performance friendly, intuitive and a different layout of displaying information called the Elevated UI project.

Guru.com is one of the world’s biggest online marketplace for freelancers and employers. With over a million users on its platform, guru.com is amongst the top 3 freelancing portals in the world.

Atlogys was hired by Guru to implement and execute the frontend re-design which included cutting edge data binding approach for html/css using frameworks like basket.js, KendoUI along with .Net based web services redesign.



    All Core pages like Profile Create, Profile Edit, List of Services, Service Detail page, Tags page, Skills page were re-designed, re-implemented and re-deployed

  • Migration of existing data to new format using scripts
  • Bespoke portfolio page which shows a seamless long scrolling display of uploaded content that included presentations, audio, video, images and text.
  • Prefetching content using lazy loading below the fold – This way we ensured that content was always available upon scroll

Technical Challenges Overcome

Using the MVVM (Model View, View Controller) a.k.a Data binding approach to render webpages. The guru web pages are heavy on content like media, video etc and the goal was to give users a seamless experience where they did not have to wait for content to load. We fetched content using xmlhttp upon js.pageLoad and the content was pre-fetched in batches iteratively so each section above the fold never had a ‘loading’ message for the user.


Launched successfully on guru.com and used by as many as 2000 concurrent users at once in parallel at any given time. In all used by over million guru freelancers on the web platform.