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Corporate Online Web Presence

Initiation: Information travels fast in today’s world. The WWW provides an indispensable medium for fast portrayal, assimilation, distribution, collaboration and discussion of all sorts of information. To take full advantage of such a technology, it is extremely important for businesses, institutes and individuals to initiate their WWW presence by creating a web site.

Web Sites can help businesses grow in following ways:

  • Provide information about services and offerings
  • Add to brand image
  • Help in sales and marketing
  • Generate customer enquiries
  • Help do online transactions saving costly store costs and employee overheads

Atlogys team does expert web design consulting and expert internet consulting. We help clients with the correct type and kind of website as per their needs and goals. E.g. a portal vs. an e-commerce hub vs. a static information site vs. a social networking station etc.

Design: Rapid advancements in IT technology have made the process of creating a website extremely simple. However, extreme care still needs to be taken towards the optimal DESIGN of such a website.

A web site is a collection of information about a particular topic or subject. Designing a web site is defined as the arrangement and creation of web pages that in turn make up a web site. — Wikipedia

Compare these sites: Get an idea of how a Web Design can affect your business outlook, class and stature!!

Forest vs. Satura

See the difference!! Have a strong liking for one and a implusive hatred for the other? What’s the difference between the two? Answer: Well, they are the same websites but with a DIFFERENT design.

Atlogys team consists of expert web-frontend and graphic developers who can provide professional technology consulting on the following aspects of web design:

  • Interface – Usability and Ease of usage.
  • Navigation and Control Flow – Make it intuitive to find information thereby creating a seamless user experience.
  • Brand Consistency – Making a site consistent with your brand’s credibility and personality. Providing it a visual look similar to your brand’s offline marketing materials.
  • Structure and Layout – A visually appealing and spatial placement of content and modules.
  • Liveliness – Get users engaged by offering sticky features and an ‘alive’ user experience.
  • Security – Avoid loopholes like cross site scripting attacks.
  • Performance – Well functional under decent load and not CPU or memory intensive.
  • Standards compliance and cross browser compatible.

In all, we will help in designing competent, good looking websites that will ADD VALUE to your offerings.

Web Design Consulting – Web Redesign and Quality Control

Is it time for your website to get a ‘makeover’ or just be ‘refurbished’?

How would you know?

The following are usually good reasons for doing so:

  • Changing Business Needs – Addition of new products and services, brand image makeover, changes in brand credibility and personality, pricing changes
  • Search Engine Optimization – Wanting to increase the ranking of your website in popular search engines so as to increase its reach and penetration.
  • Need CMS Control – Need more control towards managing, updating and changing your website. Switch to a content management System model where your own employees can easily edit images and content without any IT knowledge.
  • Old, outdated website that was alive when IE 5.0 was the IN thing! ‘Shrug’ – we badly need a makeover in this case. Chances are your website is not usable anymore.
  • Looks old, shady and ghetto – With rapid advancements in IT technology and the wide spread of Web 2.0, everyone should incline towards websites that have The web 2.0 look and feel.
  • Needs complex features – Need Blogs, discussion boards, content sharing, payment gateways, database and more. Moving away from the world of static content? If IT is not your core competency, then you’d be better seeking professional IT consulting on this one.
  • Quality and Technical Issues – Website has gotten too slow or has bugs on different browsers.
  • Mobile Ready – Need a WAP or an XHTML version of the site that displays and functions well on the mobile platform.

A functional, up-to-date and feature-healthy website is very crucial for a credible and a successful web presence. Atlogys team of software consultants can help design, develop and market a new website for you as per your changing needs and requirements. In doing this web design consulting, we will continue to follow our good software design mantra and can assure significant value add. No matter what your reason for a web redesign (out of the seven listed above), we can help !!

Online Internet Marketing and Advertisement

The WWW reaches a bigger, global audience much faster and in a more cost effective manner. Businesses and Institutes that learn to effectively use this medium for advertisement and marketing of their product and services will benefit from greater site traffic, greater conversions and a greater revenue inflow. Atlogys team specializes in providing unique, highly customized and highly personalized options and techniques for internet marketing as per the needs of the individual clients. Our prescreened network of vendors work with us in efficiently implementing various online marketing techniques.

Characteristics of our Marketing Initiatives:

  • Geo Targeting and Localized Marketing – In many campaigns, it is essential to target the ads by location, user preferences and geographic boundaries and/or user demographics. At Atlogys we go an extra step and fine tune our marketing strategies as per the target audience and location. Geo targeting and localized marketing are inbuilt into all our marketing techniques.
  • Analytics and Traffic performance – detailed and frequent reports with information on site traffic like click through, impressions. We also segment the information as per geography, referrer, OS, browser used, session analysis.
  • Highly customized – as per target audience. High relevance paid to the brand‘s personality, its lead generation focus and campaign objective.

Marketing Techniques:

  • PPC ad campaigns – Process of paying a host for every click your ad receives on their site. Host sites are usually search engine websites like Google/Yahoo/Msn, content aggregation units and blogs. Choosing and bidding for the right keywords and selecting the right target audience are a must for running effective PPC campaigns. When effectively done, such efforts provide high ranking on search engines, reduce your CPC and bring highly targeted traffic to the site.
  • Atlogys will help perform a comprehensive study of your website’s content, keywords and code, provide effective bidding strategies and monitor the site traffic and click trough for constant iteration.
  • Some other models available include: Pay per impression (cost per thousand impressions), Pay per play (pay per audio ad heard), Pay per action (pay for each specified action like a purchase, a form submission, and so on).
  • Online Media Buying like Banner ads, animation tickers, HTML ads – creating effective html, multimedia banner ads and positioning them on certain researched websites for back links to own websites. We help create such ads, strategically research their placement on various sites, choose target websites and monitor their effect in weekly site analytics reposts.
  • In text and In frame ads – links ads to words and text that appear in the context of a web page.
  • Online Classified advertisements – Craigslist, Sulekha, Yellow pages, Online Market places host a number of classified ads. These are widely used by many end users looking for services.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Process of designating affiliates who bring visitors and customers to your site in exchange of a certain commission. We help suggest affiliates, design affiliate programs and market the same.
  • e-mail Marketing – harness on your existing customer relationships, encourage customer loyalty and seek renewal business. This is a ‘push’ marketing strategy that reaches a wider and a much more targeted audience. It can also be used to gain new customers and convince people to buy something immediately. Send potential and existing clients company newsletters, new blog posts, latest news and site updates. We help prepare such campaigns and research the target audience prior to sending emails.
  • White Paper Marketing – These are reports, publications and other documents used by businesses for sales and marketing. They are very effective in pulling in qualified sales leads, publicizing a particular case and in educating clients on a specific topic. We help draft content that is focused like a focused title and apt content, design the visual look and feel and market such digital media.
  • Viral marketing (Social Media) – Create a ‘word of mouth’ for your brand though marketing in online communities, forums, blogs, social networking sites and through efforts like social bookmarking, video and photo sharing. We help identify and suggest individuals, sites and forums with high SNP (Social networking potential), create viral messages that can be distributed through such mediums, and implement and follow up on these initiatives.

SEO Consulting – SEO strategies

We help your sites attain high rank on popular search engine sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN. Many end users simply search for service providers and then give their business to one amongst the top 6-8 listings on the search results page. To avoid losing such valuable clientele, it is often necessary to get expert seo consulting and adopt SEO best practices for your business.

Forming an SEO strategy:

This requires a high degree of personalization. Comprehensive study of the client’s business, their target audience, their competition, their existing clientele, their pros and cons is needed to form an effective campaign.

Atlogys software consultants will help consult and frame the following strategies as per individual needs. Our network of pre-screened vendors help efficiently implement the same.

Strategies include:

  • Link Building – Process of creating relevant incoming links to your site. It is always better to have links from high Page Rank pages and from more relevant pages.
  • WebSite Analysis – The process of studying the optimizing the website’s content, code, titles, keywords, navigation, breadcrumbs, keyword density, meta tags and headings so it may be better crawled and indexed by search engines.
  • Web analytics software also provide user session information that is studied to determine how users interact with the site. In case a website is too slow or performance intensive, appropriate measures are taken to fix the same.
  • Keyword Identification
  • Identifying keyword queries that position the site amongst the top ranked pages on search engine result pages. These keywords are then used for effective PPC campaigns.
  • Sitemaps/Atom and RSS Feeds
  • Inform search engines about all pages in a site, their update time and frequency of change so they may be crawled and indexed soon after an update has been made. Publish RSS and atom feeds of your site and your blog’s content. Submitting feeds to popular feed directories, blog search engines and effective actions like maintaining an active blogroll can further help boost your web traffic.
  • Analytics
  • It is necessary to get and study detailed reports on the site’s performance with respect to traffic, click through, usage, usability, ranking and link structure. This provides a constant roadmap for future improvement.

Web Widgets, Gadgets, Apps and Browser extensions

These add a kind of value and persistence to your Internet presence that goes above and beyond just having a website. They provide stickiness that allows a user to remain engaged with you even they have browsed away from your website. Users can even access widgets, gadgets and apps related to your brand on their browser home pages and on their favorite social networking profile pages. They can easily distribute and share them with their friends offering virality to your brand’s marketing. This in turn brings back more hits onto your website.

Our team of experts can help suggest, design and develop the following:

  • Facebook and OpenSocial applications
  • Google homepage gadgets
  • Google desktop gadgets and widgets
  • Mozilla Brower plugins and extensions
  • Microsoft Silverlight components
  • ActiveX COM components

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