The spectrum of IT consulting services we provide consist of:


    Atlogys IT Consultants design and deploy large-scale, distributed and socially engaging web and mobile platforms. From social aggregation sites to e-commerce stores to complex travel sites, Atlogys CTO service can help you launch and maintain both version 1.0’s/betas and complex large infrastructures for your applications. Read in detail about:


We can audit and assess your site for performance, scalability, and security. We can take complete knowledge transfer on your system for purposes of code review, design revamp and architecture enhancements. Read in detail about Website Assessments


IT consulting for corporate’s operational software which may be web or mobile based. Read in detail about DATA/REPORTING SOFTWARE


    At Atlogys we help create the launch setup and hardware architecture for publishing your platform whether on the cloud or on a dedicated/managed infrastructure. Read in detail about HOSTING/PRODUCTION – This includes Application Deployment, Application Monitoring and Reliability Engineering.

    • Application Deployment
    • Application Monitoring
    • Reliability Engineering

    QA and regression testing hold a special place in our consulting processes. We run unit tests on continuous integration servers and follow CMM level 5 processes for model, function and integration testing of all applications. Read in detail about SOFTWARE QUALITY CONTROL – This includes Software Maintenance Consulting, Software Testing and Software Porting

    • Software Maintenance Consulting
    • Software Testing
    • Software Porting

In providing our services, we can consult on:

Bespoken design and development

This is the design of the new products, web services, and software as per the individual needs of the clients. We design new engineering solutions using principles of good software design, help them get implemented with our pre-screened network of vendors and then provide product follow up for complete customer satisfaction.

Off the shelf design and development

Consult on existing technologies and existing solutions that can be deployed in an appropriate manner to suit the client needs. A lot of technical needs can be solved by employing off the shelf products that are both cost-effective and easily available. This process has a faster deployment timeline and leads to instant results. Atlogys can recommend and suggest appropriate pre-made software solutions to clients as per their needs and specifications. Our consultants train users on the usage and can help install and deploy the product.

Open Source Design and Development

Open Source

Atlogys can help install, customize opensource frameworks, technologies, and products to suit a client’s need. Our vendors have competency in developing on opensource technologies in the field of web development, ERP development, database, collaboration, design and modeling, change and configuration management, content management, security, and testing.

Why OpenSource?

It is Cost effective, has faster development times and provides scalable, tested, sustainable solutions, Even its upgrades, plugins are available easily and free of cost.