Product: care4today cross platform & HIPPA compliant Mobile App

Client: Johnson & Johnson, USA


care4today.com provides cross platform Mobile App which is used by patients all over the world for medical adherence purposes. It is a product of JHI (Jannsen Healthcare Innovation) offered by JnJ (Johnson and Johnson).

JnJ is one of the worlds largest Pharmacheuticals company and a Fortune 500 company in the USA.

Atlogys was hired by the JHI division of JnJ for Mobile Design & Consultancy Services. Our task included Evaluation and Creation of the core backend system architecture and the security layer encryption methodologies for the care4Today HIPPA Compliant mobile app.


  • trellis group library


  • Medication Reminders
  • Secure SMS delivery
  • Offline scheduler
  • Interactive patient/caregiver dashboard
  • Automatic provisioning to all kinds of handsets
  • Portable across windows, BB, MIDP, android and iOS.
  • Track Reports and taken medicines with graphs

Technical Challenges Overcome

To design and validate a 3 layer encryption algorithm that fully secures all patient profile and medication related data. Risk was too high to account for any security loophole.


  • App Rebranded and sold as Care4Today
  • Available on iStore and PlayStore – used by millions of users in the US.
  • Hippa Compliant Clinical Adherence App