Product: (SRM) - Social Relationship Management on the Web

Client: Kuhono Inc, Washington DC, USA


Kuhono Provides a Technology Infrastructure centered on Social Network Aggregation and Business Content Management.

Kuhono is a cutting-edge, web 2.0 application built on a scalable & distributed platform to support heavy traffic. It uses the latest and most complex of social API’s, search algorithms, synchronization frameworks and integration methodologies.

Kuhono is owned by An Ex-CMU alumni and a serial entrepreneur who has worked in the technology consulting domain for over 3 decades and held many senior executive positions like CIO at various firms like Jannsen Health, Stone consulting, etc.


  • Kuhono home
  • J-apps
  • Jb-Apps_info_social-FB
  • k-upload


  • Add accounts and Link with orkut, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin using oAuth
  • Integrate and Link with MS exchange server for Outlook contacts
  • Sync, Read and Pull contacts from gmail, Facebook, Lin and all social networks mentioned in bullet #1.
  • Sync, Read and Pull contacts from any CSV file
  • Display and render the pulled contacts along with their profile information
  • Refresh pulled contacts on a regular basis to update information shown on kuhono
  • Track contacts and pull in their activity feeds from these various social integration accounts
  • Show a dashboard of all my contacts activity from all social channels like gmail, facebook, tw, Lin on Kuhono.com
  • Reply to a message on Kuhono platform and the post gets auto sent to tw, Fb and all linked social accounts
  • App integration for ads and newsletters like mailchimp

Technical Challenges Overcome

A user usually has many contacts on networks like Linkedin. E.g. One may have 500+ connections. Pulling all these connections and tracking their activity and displaying on Kuhono in real-time without causing much delay to the end user was a major challenge. We implemented batch processes and crom jobs that updated the database and undated the search index in background so the frontend could just pull in the new data using an api.


Started operations and then merged with another product for mass scaling.

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