Lower Costs on Software Development

Reduce ‘Project Management’ Hours by 30-40%

Software Developers estimate anywhere from 10 – 100 hours for Project Management in their software quotations. These are chargeable and account for things like ‘Requirement Assessment’, getting a detailed product spec from the client, project lifecycle management, maintaining bugs and tickets, discussing and listing a feature set, strategy and technology for the solution.

Experience says that such a service is either completely neglegted by the developers or is provided very inefficiently. Developers aim is to make running software and they usually do not pay much attention to management. Atlogys considers *program management* as a critical part of software dev lifecycle and accounts for this service in its consulting package. We usually get contracted for more detailed and advanced consulting.

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Reduce total hours proposed for software implementation by a developer by upto 30%

We understand the technicalities of the work to be performed in coding a piece of software. After consulting our clients, we adequately optimize with our developers the ‘exact quanta of work’ needed. We offer tips and tricks on getting the work done in a faster and in a simpler manner.

Clients gain from our unbiased, third party, holistic view on the software implementation modules and man hours proposed by the developer.

Get Lower per hourly rates

Our expert integration with developers allows us to charge a slighty lower per hourly rate to our clients.

In all clients save anywhere from 30 – 50% on the total software fees proposed by the vendor.

Compare a quotation received directly from a vendor with a quotation received for the same task from us. You will be able to see the difference for yourself!!