Product: Mobile App for reading digital books interactively

Client: Orson & Co, NY, USA


eLumes is a Mobile App for iOS (Apple Store) that gives its users an Apple ‘iBooks’ like interface for subscribing and reading interactive digital books with audio & video capability on the tablets (iPad, iPad Mini etc).

Orson & Co is a NY based publishing house owned by an International best selling author from Oxford, UK.

The Mobile app comes with .NET based Web Suite (backend web server) for publishers to create, customize and publish book for app users.

Atlogys was hired by Orson & Co to do the end-to-end product design, development, deployment and now maintenance of this entire eLume product suite (Mobile and Web backend).



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  • elumes preview
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iOS App General Features:

  • Real Time Sync b/w server and app
  • Optimized for screen sizes across iPad Air, Air 2, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad Mini
  • Flurry Analytics
  • In-App Purchase API and Push Notifications
  • Intelligent Caching and Pre-fetching Less than 3 sec load time per book
  • 2. iOS App Reading Experience:

Web Backend Features:

  • Upload Storybook Text, audio, video, images, paper texture etc.
  • Map sections of pages to illustrations like back turn, video play, open gallery, open notes etc.
  • Enter book metadata like size, name, author, menu image
  • Upload and Clip audio file – Automatic para mapping.

Web Sync Server:

  • Real-time and Offline Synchronization of published books to user’s device
  • Device type and screen size detection
  • Resume packet transfer from point of loss
  • Database for tracking and analytics

Technical Challenges Overcome

Publisher made the Books in DTP tool like Adobe Indesign. We had to create customized HTML markup to mimic typesetting, text-wraparound, alignment, into HTML. We wrote custom InDesign macros and a post processing script in JS that ensure that the word wrapping and the image alignment matches pixel by pixel between the Indesign and the rendered html.


Many of Orson Books were made, uploaded and published for digital interactive rendering using this platform. These were then downloaded and read by users using the mobile app. These include but are not restricted to: History of a Pleasure Seeker – An all time international best seller by Richard Mason

  • Song for my father by Tom Sancton
  • When I come around by Benjamin Hewitt
  • Among the Hoods by Harriet Sergeant