Strict board - multifunctional lumber

A strict board is a board with perfectly even and smooth planes, has different sizes (20x100 length from 2000-6000 mm; 20x140 length from 2000-6000 mm, 20x200 length from 2000 -6000 mm, 40x100x6000 mm, 40x150x6000 mm, 40x200x6000 mm, 50x100x600 mm, 50x150x6000 mm, 50x200x6000 mm, 50x250x6000 mm).

In the construction market today you can find a large number of different constructive and finishing materials, among them beams and a beam made of glued wood, but it is worth noting that such a material as a strict board remains irreplaceable in many directions in construction and decoration.

A strict board is an environmental material, so it will always remain an indispensable product in the lumber market. It is multifunctional due to its operational and technical characteristics. With the help of new technologies, the production of such a board is improved, which allows you to expand the range of the strict boards. The scope in construction depends on the size of the board (width, thickness).

The raw materials for a strict board are used only of high quality from different wood (pine, birch, linden, larch, aspen, in rare cases spruce, if raw materials from oak or maple - the price will be much higher). The wiped workpiece is shown, the moisture content of the board should not exceed 15%. Each surface of such a board is treated to a perfectly smooth surface. It is worth noting that a board made of raw materials with a minimum amount of moisture will not be deformed during operation (there is no probability of cracks).

Typically, the thickness of the board is from 16mm - 48mm, the thickness in production depends on the set parameters on the equipment. The width of the strict boards from 60 - 200 mm. There are certain standards to which the board parameters during production are attached. But it is possible to produce individual orders, but the price will be many times higher.

The properties of a strict boards that make it indispensable:

- lack of defects, perfectly smooth, geometrically correct surfaces

- There are certain measures for the processing of a strict boards, which increases its strength qualities

- is a self -sufficient finishing material, when facing the internal space, there is no need to process with additional means or paint, as the board has beautiful natural textures

- the life is higher than that of a simple board

- the material that is capable of creating a microclimate is absolutely environmentally friendly

Due to its properties, a strict board has a wide area of ​​application. A strict board is used to finish the interior space as a wall, floor and even ceiling coating. In the production of expensive and high -quality furniture, a strict board is also used, most often from maple or oak. Used for the construction of fences and fences. You can purchase Voice Greeting with discounts.