Product: Animated Educational Web Application for Intelligent Symptom Diagnosis

Client: Painspot Inc, Ca, USA


PainSpot.com is a friendly & educational experience for people who have pain and want to know why. It presents users with a rich interactive human body model to identify their pain location and answer a series of questions about their pain. Using a complex scoring algorithm it presents a list of possible diagnoses with detailed information along with links to the newest treatments.

It is a cutting-edge, web 2.0 site built on a scalable network to support heavy traffic.

Painspot Inc is owned by a leading Rheumatologist in California who is providing his patients with both web and phone based innovative e-telepathy solutions.

Atlogys was hired as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and provided complete Technical Strategy, Architecture Design, Development and Deployment of the web application.  Now also handling the Post-Launch Maintenance and Server Monitoring


  • PainSpot Home page
  • Home pain area question
  • My Care Accelerator
  • Knee


  • Rich Interactive Bodytool model
  • Male and Female tools supported
  • Zoom in and select a pain location(front, side, back of body)
  • Questionnaire (quiz) – 20 multiple choice questions
  • Get top 3 possible diagnosis on basis of inbuilt weights & answers
  • MyCare Accelerator – Email quiz answers to doctors
  • Payment integration for direct connection with doctors
  • Links to detailed information on diagnosis with links to newest treatments
  • Each painspot is index-able for SEO purposes
  • Smooth running on older browsers like IE8 Technical Challenges Overcome

Technical Challenges Overcome

Diagnosis Scoring Algorithm – O(n) run time for calculating top 3 diagnosis from a quiz result with 2^20 permutations.


In use by 10,000+ users, Integrated by a leading hospital in California as part of their core tool offerings.

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