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    Christmas Party 2019

    25 Dec 2019 @ Atlogys Office, Noida

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    Diwali Party 2019

    25 Oct 2019 @ Atlogys Office, Noida

    Celebrate the best time of the year with a bang.

    The best time of the year is in full swing
    Lets decorate, light-up and pray
    for peace and love to come our way
    and for the lords to keep us enlightened always !

    A lovely party with songs, games, ramp walk, sher-o-shayari and snacks !

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    Pool Party (Company Wide)

    12 Jul 2019 @ Atlogys Office, New Delhi

    Jump in, the water’s fine!
    Afterwards, prepare to dine!

    A 5-star party at a 5-star venue with 5-star preparations ! Atlogys organizes and throws a Pool Side Dinner Party with Great Chit Chat & Games in the water. 
    Venue: The Park, Aura, Cannuaght Place.
    A great way fo members to socialize and get to know each other better.

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    Christmas and Year End Party 2018

    28 Dec 2018 @ Atlogys Office, New Delhi

    Secret Santa , Pizza, Black & White Dress Code, Employee Polls and Surveys….
    Bye Bye 2018.
    Welcome 2019 with a Bang !

    Gift CollectionSecret Santa
    Secret Santa PartySecret Santa Gifts For All
    Secret Santa Pizza PartySecret Santa Party For All
    Secret Santa Pizza Party

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    Movie Outing with Family [ ALPHA ]

    25 Aug 2018

    Atlogys invites all members along with spouses and kids for a Movie Outing. All Atlogysts go to DLF Mall in Noida for a fun evening show of the movie ALPHA along with family to enjoy some camaraderie and popcorn !

    Atlogys Alpha Party
    Atlogys Alpha PartyAtlogys Movie Atlogys Movie Outing

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    Mango Day @ Work

    22 Jun 2018 @ Atlogys Office, Delhi

    The tempting taste, the simply mouth-watering experience is very endearing for us to forget 🙂

    Mango, also called “The King of Fruit,” is  one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruits with a unique flavor, fragrance, taste, and heath promoting qualities.
    We simply love to freeze time to give you smooth, yummy & delicious Mangoes mixed with love, care and affection. 

    We all gathered today for a Mango Treat , Celebrate “Atlogys Mango Day”
    Atlogys summer Mangomango at atlogys
    Mango day @ Atlogys

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    Come On Everybody Lets Play Holi

    1 Mar 2018 @ Atlogys Office, Delhi

    Fun times with colors and food…
    Dental Camp AtlogysHoli At AtlogysAtlogys Members Atlogys Members

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    Annual Company Event

    22 Dec 2017 Tivoli Garden Resort Hotel, Chhattarpur, Delhi

    A day long event of Team Building Activities along with Fun to foster camaraderie amongst the employees of Atlogys. Dr. Jyoti Doval, a renowned Corporate Trainer was invited and she organized and conducted several corporate grooming and personality development activities in the form of games and group discussions. Morning tea, lunch and Hi-tea included.

    Tivoli Event Pic 1 Tivoli Event Pic 2Tivoli Event Pic 3 Tivoli Event Pic 4Tivoli Event Pic 5 Tivoli Event Pic 6

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    Diwali Celebrations 2017

    12 Oct 2017 @ The Atlogys Office

    Festival of lights…togetherness. ..happiness… prosperity… sweets … celebrations.. Yes Diwali is here..
    A festival which is celebrated with gaiety by people of every religion. Its magical and radiant touch creates an atmosphere of joy and festivity.

    Event – Bay Decoration ( All the team members of the same bay will decorate their own bay)
    Dress Code: Ethnic Wear
    Girls in Saree/Suit & Boys in Kurta Pyjama / Dhoti or
    Any Traditional wear reflecting a region / culture

    Diwali Pic 1 Diwali Pic 2Diwali Pic 3 Diwali Pic 4

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    Independence Day Celebrations

    11 Aug 2017 Atlogys Delhi Office

    Karaoke, singing competitions, food, dress code…all Atlogysts celebrated the upcoming independence day in style!

    Independence Day Independence Day

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    All Company Outing at Smaash

    3 Mar 2017 DLF Mall, Noida

    Simulation Cricket, Bowling and Next Generation Virtual Reality Games … Not to mention the drinks, snacks, and dinner…Amazing all team fun and bonding!

    Company Outing Smaash Atlogys Outing Smaash
    enjoy at smaashsmaash

  • rajat

    Rajat Jain Birthday Celebration

    24 Jun 2017 Social, Nehru Place, Delhi, India

    Atlogys CTO Birthday Celebration

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    Atlogyst Memorable Adventurous time

    6 Feb 2016 Wild Camp Dauj, Faridabad, India


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    Diwali Celebrations 2015

    5 Nov 2015 Atlogys Lounge Area, Delhi, India

    A fun evening of performances, games, dumb-charades and lots of food!

    diwali celebration

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    Company Outing to Appu Ghar

    19 Jun 2015 Noida, India

    Games, Bowling, Food, and Fun! Company Outing

    Company Outing to Appu Ghar

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    Year End party 2014

    31 Dec 2014 at Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India

    Games, Bowling, Food, and Fun!

    Year End party 2014

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