Areas of Expertise

Software Porting

With rapid advancements in computer hardware, systems, and platforms, it is often necessary to adapt software so that it may run in an environment that is different from what it was originally designed for.

If a piece of software is designed to be portable, then this can be achieved with less time, effort and money.

New designs:

All new solutions designed by our consultants aim at achieving portability in the long run by accounting for a generic abstraction between the controller logic and the hardware system interface.

We can provide the following help in porting software:

  • Changing technology – e.g. static html to dynamic php, IIS to Apache, asp to php
  • Changing databases – Oracle to Ms-Sql
  • Language change – Python to Java
  • Libraries change
  • API change
  • OS change or OS version change – Windows to Linux
  • Testing platform change
  • Development tools change
  • Web application logic layer change, Web platform change
  • Hardware change – little endian to big endian systems or vice-versa