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Application Support and Maintenance – Overview

Software Application Support and Maintenance in software engineering is the process of modification and support of a software product i.e. Web Application or Mobile Application after delivery to manage change requests, improve the performance or other properties and minimizing software downtime.

Software Application Support and Maintenance comprise new features and enhancements implementation, bug fixing, database administration, QA and testing, content update, code refactoring, system re-engineering and performance optimization. It also includes software enhancements in terms of new location support, multilingual and new languages support, expanding into newer countries, date format etc. changes and integration of user feedback.

Why is Application Maintenance and Support required?

All Software Applications (Web Applications or Mobile Applications) eventually need support and maintenance. The application may be bug-free, built with the ideal design and architecture; however, progresses in Information Technology and adapting business demands will make it legacy at some point in time.

A common perception of support and maintenance is that it simply involves fixing shortcomings. However, one study suggested that over 80% of software support and maintenance effort is applied for non-corrective actions.

Imaging getting an anti-virus software today and not updating it for a year. This means that during that year all new viruses attacks discovered/created cannot be prevented by your anti-virus program till it is upgraded. This upgrade is an example of a software maintenance activity which is very much required.

If the software is not maintained or is NOT under any active AMS contract, you face the following consequences:

  • Disruption in service – the backend infra and servers handling user traffic may face downtime or go stale in absence of server monitoring and in absence of server maintenance
  • User feedback or bugs reported by real users go unattended
  • No one reviews logs of application to witness app crashes or how it is behaving in real traffic
  • There will be no vigilance into health reports of app or into its performance
  • An app is wide open to new hacks and security vulnerabilities as new viruses, new phishing, and malicious attacks are detected each day.
  • Difficulty in scaling into new countries wrt. languages, location, date, timezones etc.

Key Benefits

For web applications

  • App will render in lightning speed even as new features are added
  • 100% app server uptime and reliability
  • User feedback is constantly integrated
  • No app crashes after it gets launched
  • All bug fixes are adequately addressed in a good time interval without delays
  • New hardware can be provisioned easily to meet increasing traffic
  • Customer support and how-to questions are addressed
  • Training sessions available for customers

For mobile applications

  • The app will continue to run on latest version of apple or android operating system
  • The app will run on latest and new hardware devices
  • The app will have 100% uptime and availability

Services Under Software Application Support

Software Application Support and Maintenance is a comprehensive program that includes software updates, technical support, and many other advantages as shown in this diagram below:

Atlogys software maintanance support activities

Atlogys can help maintain your software

All software applications eventually need maintenance. The software may be bug-free and it may have been built with the ideal design, however, advancements in IT and adapting business needs will make it legacy at some point.

Atlogys offers software and server monitoring and maintenance and support services. There is a wide range of offerings and these typically start after the beta or alpha version of your web application or mobile application is out on the market.

We are currently maintaining 30+ live web apps and 10+ live mobile apps which are being widely used in the various app stores.

Atlogys can help maintain your software as follows:

Application Upgrades – Functionality Upgrades & Software Version Upgrades

  • Upgrade to new version of operating system or database
  • Upgrade underlying framework, core libraries, API’s and SDK to latest version – Necessary patches in application underlying libraries, API’s and core framework.

Code Refactoring and Optimization

  • Software Re-engineering – Technical revamp
  • Scalability – Make software scalable so it may be used in parallel
  • Modularity – Make software modular by adding components
  • Faster – Need to make the software run faster on fewer resources
  • Re-write code with best practices, design patterns


  • Language Migration
  • Operating System Migration & Database Migration
  • CMS Migration

Refer to more details at http://www.atlogys.com/application-migration


  • Root cause analysis of applications
  • Review of crash stack traces and logs from handling of real traffic
  • Fix user reported bugs on basis of priority in an agile manner


  • Regular site tests
  • Frequent measurements of application performance, page load time – take necessary actions to ensure page load time is under X seconds (X is 3 for the USA and typically 5 for India).
  • Frequent tests to ensure site is not vulnerable to any new attacks from a security perspective


  • Performance Enhancements
  • Feature enhancements and changes
  • New Language support
  • Addition of newer countries
  • Interface Update – changes in UI/UX, addition of new screens

End user support

  • Troubleshooting and debugging issues with some user accounts – analyzing why certain features/flow have not worked as expected
  • User manuals and training – Addressing user complaints and concerns

Analytics and Reporting

  • Data analytics and insight with addition of more admin tools
  • Reporting and generation of live reports on how system is being used, number of users and its performance

Server and hardware Support and maintenance

  • Configuration management
  • L1 support to address server or app unavailability within 2 hours response time.
    • Ensure server uptime and reliability
    • Load balancing
    • server operating system level patches

Atlogys Service Modules

Adaptive Maintenance and Support

We help you make the essential modifications and revisions to your software application for the ever-changing demands of your business. We provide services for Data format change, Localization, Support Utility Modification, Hardware configuration changes and Operating system integration. The underlying 3rd party libraries, API’s, 3rd party servers being used in the app are also upgraded and patched.

Corrective Maintenance and Support

We help you fix errors in your software system, be it logical errors, coding errors, or design errors. Moreover, we look into any bug that may arise in your software algorithms, analyze app crash reports, analyze logs for inconsistency.

Perfective Maintenance and Support

Constant care and special attention are required to make the most of the software technology for your business. We investigate your software application for rectifications, modifications, editing, additions, deletions, and enhancements.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive and Proactive – that is how we define the efficiency of our support and maintenance services. Based on past incidents and customer feedback, we prepare your software for future demands and ensure server and hardware resources are adequately provisioned to handle peak time or holiday traffic.

How Atlogys will benefit with its Expertise

At Atlogys, we provide dedicated software support and maintenance services that will enable you to concentrate solely on your core business functions. We are a dedicated team of expert software professionals who carry experience spanning over a decade in the industry. We provide you real-time support services with long-term continual maintenance for all your software requirements.

Customers can benefit from our services in the following ways:


  • Agile software support and maintenance services
  • Dedicated team of resources for your application
  • Migrate web or mobile applications to modern and emerging technologies
  • Enhances Modularity and Stability
  • Improve efficiency of mission-critical software applications
  • Emphasis on new product development and core functions
  • Reduced Total Cost and Time

Our software support and maintenance services ensure effective project management and minimal software downtime. You can pick out from our palette of support and maintenance services what best suits your requirements in terms of pricing, levels of support and project delivery options, and be guaranteed of an efficient and hassle-free engagement.