Managed Software Vendor Services

Vendor Selection for Software Development

Good judgement is the result of experience… Experience is the result of bad judgement. — Fred Brooks

We scrutinize, select and work with a pre-screened network of distributed software development companies. All our vendors have been pre-screened and provide highly competent software development.

Our software developers provide the coding and implementation of our consulting output. In other words, they provide the detailed software design breakdown and implementation of the visualized IT technical solution as per the specifications.

Vendor Selection Process for Software Development

Our Approach

  • Our Software Consultants shortlist and select a software developer from our network for implementing the desired product.
  • We efficiently and coherently work with the developer in framing an OPTIMIZED quotation for project implementation.
  • We focus on on-time delivery, consistent quality, low pricing and prompt communication.
  • Our development is strong and sustainable. This means that we focus on the six principles of good software design: Scalability, Maintainability, Performance, Ease-of-Usage, Tested, Security.