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  • YashaswiSingh

    SOAP UI is the world’s most widely used automated testing tool for SOAP and REST APIs

    4 Sep 2020 @ Zoom Online

    Yashaswi Singh – Automation Test Engineer at Atlogys gave an informative session on how to use SOAP UI to test APIs.
    SoapUI is an open-source web service testing application for Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and representational state transfers (REST). With more than 9 million downloads SoapUI is the de-facto standard for REST and SOAP API functional, security and performance testing.
    In this session, Yashaswi covered some of the common samples which can be used to perform testing on the created APIs.


    This session is available on the Atlogys Slideshare and video format below.

  • atl-logo

    FE coding guidelines

    29 Aug 2020 @ Atlogys Office, Noida

    Our Tech Lead Nikhil Vashishta gives a gruelling tech talk on how to write solid, scalable, modular Frontend Code.

  • sumit

    Talk on Latest UI Guidelines for Web

    18 Dec 2018 @ Atlogys Office, New Delhi

    Atlogys Academy Sumit MehtaSumit Mehta Atlogys UI Guidelines Sumit Atlogys Academy

    This talk is available on the Atlogys Slideshare and YouTube channels below

  • IMG_0220-150x150

    Containerization using Docker

    8 Aug 2018 @ Atlogys Office, New Delhi

    Ram Awadh – Senior Python Engineer at Atlogys delivers this highly information technical talk on Docker and also shows a demo of how to integrate this technology.
    This is widely adopted and promoted at Atlogys as a development best practice across many of our projects.

    Atomic Design - Pattern labs Atlogys
    This talk is available on the Atlogys Slideshare and YouTube channels below

  • yatendra&priyanka

    Introduction to Atomic Design and Pattern Lab

    14 Jun 2018 @ Atlogys Office, Delhi

    Yatendra jain & Priyanka Shukla – Our senior web developer delivers a informative technical lecture on Pattern Lab.

    Atomic Design - Pattern labs AtlogysIntro to Atomic Design in UI Atlogys
    UI Tech Talk Priyana Shukla
    The talk is available on the Atlogys Slideshare at

  • Rajiv Madan

    McKinsey 7S Framework

    25 Apr 2018 @ Atlogys Office, Delhi

    Talk by our COO – Mr. Rajiv Madan on the McKinsey 7S framework for strategy formulation and implementation at different management levels.
    Rajiv has 3 decades of project management and CRM experience in the industry at medium to large scale organizations.

    COO at atlogysRajiv Madan Atlogys

    Strategy at atlogys
    It is available on the Atlogys YouTube channels below 

  • yamini

    EED (Engineering Eye for Detail)

    29 Mar 2018 @ Atlogys Office, Delhi

    Our QA Lead Ms. Yamini Dobhal delivers a highly technical lecture on EED best practices. In the world of cutting edge large scale web and mobile apps, Performance, Security and Scalability are Key. This goes hand in hand with solid engineering design. This talk covered some best practices and core guidelines that Atlogys inculcates in the development of each of its apps. Yamini talks about the checklist set of tests and the tools developers and QA associates should install and use to account for the coding guidelines. Developers are informed about basic browser extensions and safe coding techniques that can incorporate aspects of fast performance, GDPR and security from the ground up. DevOps are informed about core fundamental server settings that expedite responses.

    Scalable fast Apps at AtlogysYamini _ EED Best Practices Atlogys
    The talk is available on the Atlogys Slideshare at

  • Anoop Tech Talk Profile Pic

    Version Control Using GIT

    9 Feb 2018 @ Atlogys Office, Delhi

    Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. 
    This Tech Talk covers basic, intermediate and some advanced concepts of Git. Basic Git includes about types of version control system, three states of git, getting git repositories, recording changes, viewing staged and unstaged changes, committing changes, viewing commit history, working with remotes and Tagging. 
    Git’s Killer Feature Branching has been discussed in detail; about branches in git, creating branches, switching branches, merging branches, rebasing, resolving merge conflicts and remote branches. 
    Other than that some useful features like Staging patches, stashing and cleaning, cherry-pick, git reset, git revert, interactive rebase and undoing merges have been discussed. 
    This informative tech talk was given at Atlogys by Tech Lead – Mr. Anoop Malav. 
    Anoop Malav - Atlogys Technical ConsultingAnoop Malav - Tech Talk on Git at Atlogys

    It is available on the Atlogys Slideshare and YouTube channels below

  • yatendra&priyanka

    Efficient code with HTML5 and CSS3

    11 Jan 2018 @ Atlogys Office, Delhi

    This Tech Talk at Atlogys covers the basic fundamental guidelines of HTML5 and CSS3 and talks about how efficient code can be written using HTML5 and CSS3.
    In this tech talk, the SMACSS and design guidelines were also discussed which has to be followed while creating PSD’s with some UX fundamentals.
    Talk given by Yatendra jain & Priyanka Shukla – UI and Web Developers at Atlogys Technical Consulting 
    Yatendra Atlogys Academy tech Talk HtmlYatendra Atlogys Web developer Priyanka Shukla UI Developer Atlogys Priyanka Shukla Atlogys tech Talk

    This talk is available on the Atlogys Academy Channels on Slideshare and Youtube. Please find links below

  • gaurav

    RabbitMQ – Messaging that just works

    7 Feb 2017 Atlogys Office, Delhi

    The message broker systems such as RabbitMQ are gaining a lot of momentum nowadays in large scale app development. They allow us to accomplish many prevalent tasks in a parallel manner without affecting the SLA of the micro-service. 
    This presentation talks about RabbitMQ and how one can leverage its capabilities for making your software architecture more robust and scalable. 
    Tech Talk conducted at Atlogys technical Consulting, Delhi by Senior Tech Lead – Mr. Gaurav Garg. 
    Atlogys Academy Tech Talk Gaurav Garg RabbitMQGaurav Garg Atlogys RabbitMQ

    The tech talk is available on the Atlogys Youtube channel and also on the Slideshare channel. Please find links below.

  • rohit

    Serverless Architecture – Infinite scaling using Lambda & AWS

    28 Jun 2017 Atlogys Delhi Office

    At Atlogys we have a major shift to serverless computing. We are designing and launching serverless architectures across all of our major apps. Hear our senior software engineer Rohit Kumar talk about how to do infinite scaling using amazon aws lambda.

    Serverless Architecture - Infinite scaling using Lambda & AWS Serverless Architecture - Infinite scaling using Lambda & AWS

    The Tech Talk is available online on the Atlogys You Tube channel and also on our SlideShare channel. Please find links below:

  • rajat

    Code Efficiency and Code review Process at Atlogys

    18 May 2017 Atlogys Delhi Office

    Rajat Jain – Sr. Technology Manager at Atlogys gave an informative talk on how to conduct code review at Atlogys. He goes over the tools like Phabricator etc used internally to do and review code. Peer-to-Peer code review is a critical process followed at Atlogys across all of the projects.


    The talk is available on the Atlogys Academy You Tube Channel. Please access link below:

  • yamini

    QA Best Practices and Fundamentals at Atlogys

    11 May 2017 Atlogys Delhi Office

    QA (Quality Assurance) is very critical at Atlogys. Our apps go through rigorous rounds of QA, Regression, Integration testing. We follow a deep-rooted and detailed process for efficient QA testing so we may have fewer iterations and give error free releases.

    This is a presentation by our QA lead – Yamini Dobhal on the fundamentals and best practices of QA testing.The talk is part of the Atlogys Academy series. Access the Atlogys Tech Talk presentation on the Atlogys slideshare channel at the link below:

  • kishor

    Behavior Driven Development (BDD) And Test Automation

    28 Apr 2017 Atlogys Delhi Office

    This technology talk was conducted by Kishore Jyoti Sharma – Automation Engineer at Atlogys.



  • rajat

    How Solr Search Works

    26 Dec 2017 Atlogys Delhi Office

    This technology talk was by Atlogys Senior Technology Manager Rajat Jain : 

    technology talk was by Atlogys Senior Technology Manager Rajat Jain
    technology talk was by Atlogys Senior Technology Manager Rajat Jaintechnology talk was by Atlogys Senior Technology Manager Rajat Jain

  • nitin

    Best Practices and Guidelines for Development of Dynamic websites using the WordPress CMS technology

    9 Dec 2016 Atlogys Delhi Office

    This technology talk was by Atlogys engineer Nitin Sharma :

    atlogys engineer nitin sharma

  • shivam

    Tech talk on MongoDb

    29 Jul 2016 Atlogys Delhi Office

    Talk by Our Senior Engineer Shivam Singhal :

  • unnamed

    Private Round Table Discussion on ‘Diversity & Inclusion’

    12 Oct 2015 The Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi, India

    Hosted by Verizon, USA Atlogys participates to discuss Experience and perspectives on leadership, technology, diversity & inclusion and challenges in the industry.

  • unnamed

    Digital Business Conclave

    10 Oct 2015 StartUp Tunnel, New Delhi, India

    Talk by Ritika Sanghi Garga on ‘Don’t just Sell Technology, Sell the Experience’

    digital business conclave

  • unnamed (1)

    Future of Web Development

    10 Oct 2015 Atlogys Delhi Office

    Talk by Ramani Vinoth Iyengar