Product: Trelliscience.com Web Platform (Responsive)

Client: AAAS (American Association of Science) Inc, Washington DC, USA


Trelliscience.com is a LinkedIn like professional networking platform built for the responsive web across all devices. It is a community for scientists to discuss, connect and collaborate for purposes of facilitating enhanced research productivity. A cutting-edge, web 2.0 platform built on a scalable and distributed architecture to support heavy traffic. It uses the latest and most complex of social API’s, search algorithms, synchronization frameworks and integration methodologies.
AAAS (www.aaas.org) is the largest scientific journal society in the world.
Atlogys was hired by AAAS to single-handedly and dedicatedly manage (from scratch) the end-to-end software development and deployment of its latest web-based professional networking platform – Trelliscience.com


  • trellis user connections
  • trellis discussion page
  • trellis group library
  • email preferences
  • trellis about page
  • trellis all group library


  • Pull scientific Profile data from Lin, Orchid
  • Graphs for My Connections and Followers
  • Discussion Module – commenting, threading, voting, sorting
  • Group and Group hierarchies with various visibility / privacy settings
  • Events including calendar view & recurring events
  • Upload and automatically pulling metadata for DOI docs
  • Publishing to groups, starting discussions, etc.
  • Online Document viewer with Annotations and commenting
  • Various types of personalized notifications
  • On platform notifications with aggregation
  • Email notifications – including email settings, and daily/weekly digest options
  • Newsfeed – both user and group level activities on the platform that the user might be interested in
  • Advanced Searching with various filters and privacy rules
  • Automatic Recommendation module
  • Suggests papers, connections on basis of likes and browsing behaviour
  • Google Doc style real-time Document Collaboration
  • CrossRef & PubMed API sync

Technical Challenges Overcome

Group Hierarchies – Trellis has the concept of public/private and open/closed groups. Add to that the complexity of child/parent relationships, which leads to various combinations of visibility/privacy that needs to be honored throughout the system. We built a custom ACL/permissions/visibility layer responsible for ensuring correct visibility/permissions & settings throughout the platform to tackle this.


  • Launched as www.trellisscience.com in closed beta in 2015
  • Grown to over 150,000 users across USA and Europe
  • To be launched to 6M (million) scientific community in the world by Q1 2018.
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