Web Monitoring Services

At Atlogys we provide computer science engineering on your web or mobile product to a microscopic level of detail needed to run successful platforms of the likes of facebook.com, google.com, linkedin.com.

The Atlogys computer scientists will finesse your software and build in the right engineering insight at the right stages of the software development process. We will ensure that all coding processes and core architecture guidelines are followed at the apt time in an apt manner before, during and post-development so that your product is stable, robust, secure, performance friendly and scalable.

Need of Engineering Detail and web monitoring for ‘Real-World’ Software

Engineering Eye for Detail and Monitoring is needed at various levels and stages in software development:

  1. Product managers and Business owners need to know usage numbers for their software like how many unique users on my site getting daily, top 5 web transactions, top used site tools, what are my 7-day actives, 30-day actives, how many photos have been uploaded on my site, how many projects have been created etc. to understand the impact of their product in the market. These numbers feed into banks which then help value the site for mergers, acquisitions and determine the net worth of the company in the market.
  2. Site engineers need to know and have access to crash logs, production logs, stack trace, database backups and error rate so they can debug and analyze any site bugs, queries, and crash reports.
  3. Technical leads must avoid basic flaws in web application security which can open room for common hacks and security pitfalls that will eventually steal your data. They must avoid unnecessary database queries and use optimized data structures, libraries and algorithms such that the CPU processing and database response times are reduced to load end-user pages really fast.
  4. Technical leads need data on average site latency, average response time per web transaction, page load time duration in milliseconds (ms) and server response time so they can do website performance monitoring and optimize site’s backend and frontend performance.They can also profile the software and access CPU and memory graphs to judge code inefficiency and improve the same. This in-turn saves companies huge costs on hardware because optimized sites need fewer servers and less CPU to server the more traffic.
  5. Site reliability engineers and system admins need access to data like number of requests being served by the servers, the CPU usage, the incoming and outgoing bandwidth, memory usage, CPU spikes, hard disk space usage, memory spikes, read and write latency of database, read-write IOPS, and throughput, so they can provide for hardware and ensure site uptime at all times without running into site outages.
  6. During heavy peak traffic, the system admins need to access site monitoring and health reports so they may provision for scaling and do load balancing. Lack of such reports and web monitoring services will cause sites to crash, or have extremely slow response rates perhaps even get hacked. Lack of such regular engineering and monitoring will also make a site stale and outdated very rapidly thereby making it difficult to scale and adapt efficiently to phase 2 and beyond. The promoter’s investment will be at risk as competition will soon steer ahead of the game.

Engineering Eye for Detail at Atlogys is the science of:

  1. Configuring and setting up a software with all necessary integrations so that all such data is available to the right people at the right time.
  2. Studying and analyzing this data to find the right takeaways and build the necessary solutions.
  3. Pro-actively and pre-emptively building in for web performance optimization, web application scalability and security in core software design so that sites function smoothly in the long run and stay ahead of their competition.

Comparing with Traditional Software Outsourcing

In traditional software outsourcing, core emphasis is given to writing code that works and does the job. 95% of software development companies focus on functionality Only and their software tends to lack considerably on performance, scalability, and security. For the various reasons as explained above, this core engineering and science cannot be avoided if you are aiming for a production-ready site to be used by a lot of users. If you are building your next Business on the web and mobile, then these EED (Engineering Eye for Detail) services that provide the technology enhancements and optimizations cannot be avoided by your web development outsourcing partner.

(EED) Web Monitoring Services and Its benefits

As part of our EED services, we will take your software and put it through a 360-degree check to ensure completion and flawless performance in the real world.

We will run tests and generate reports so you get easy to understand intuitive and actionable data.

You will get access to application monitoring and find out about application loopholes.

Get instant insight into how to speed your app, how to scale your app, how to secure it from attacks.

The Engineering Eye for detail services provided by Atlogys includes the following:

  • Web Performance Optimization – will your product witness heavy bounce rates, low page load times, less customer loyalty and retention? How to do quick, basic fixes to speed page load time; and how to engineer for such benefits from the very beginning.
  • Application Security Audit – Is your application safe from user attacks, data theft, bots? Build in core security engineering along with the recommended protocols and standards now needed by almost any web or mobile business.
  • Scalability Testing – How to serve the maximum traffic with the minimal hardware? Build software launch protocols and release engineering methodologies that account for scaling web applications.

Partner with Atlogys for successful Web and Mobile businesses (Web Monitoring Services)

We guarantee production-ready code. We guarantee scalable code with reduced page load times and with built-in security. Partner with us to run a successful business on the web or on the mobile and harness the benefits of rock-solid engineering determined to make your product most supreme amongst your competition.

What Methodology do We Use

As part of our expert technical consulting, we offer an extreme engineering eye for detail which includes the following services:

  • Conduct application black box testing–Generate software QA (software quality assurance) test cases and perform functional black box testing to find bugs.
  • Perform UI and HTML tests to check cross-browser, cross resolution, responsive layout design issues. Validate HTML and CSS to ensure SEO optimized coding.
  • Conduct battery of security tests, provide fix-it reports to developers on how to make an application secure against client-side attacks.
  • Conduct battery of performance tests, provide fix-it reports to developers on how to optimize core application performance like:
    • Optimize Db queries
    • Use faster Data structures.
    • User faster and better algorithms with a faster asymptotic runtime analysis.
  • Simulate traffic, do load tests and perform stress testing to predict average site latency
  • Revamp the application production deployment architecture in order to make it more scalable.
  • Plan and implement application load balancing and a distributed serving and caching architecture (if required).

How to use this service

There are two ways of engaging with Atlogys for EED services.

During Development

  • Certain guidelines that allow for a scalable architecture must be embedded in code from scratch. Our tech leads work with senior developers to advocate correct principles for writing HTML and CSS codebase, for structuring class hierarchies, interfaces, methods and for defining data types in an optimal manner to address major pain points. Paradigms that account for better usage of html5, css3, that account intelligent dom manipulation, that account for correct ordering and loading of a minimal number of files and all server configs and settings that must be set are enforced from day one.
  • We recommend constant and iterative EED as and when the core product is being developed from scratch. We believe in agile software development. We recommend doing EED tests and fixes at regular intervals as and when a sizeable chunk of feature implementation gets completed. Per milestone release with 30% of features or the like, we advocate doing an EED test run to find actionable data and build in the fix for the same.
  • Our test leads work in tandem with your developers to verify the implementations.
  • Our core architecture guidelines that allow for performance, security from the very beginning are communicated to the lead engineers and get embedded in the core code libraries from scratch.

Post Development

If your web or mobile application is already live but needs to be optimized, Atlogys can carry our EED test runs and create easy to understand actionable data. We can quickly determine fix-it’s and prioritize them as per simple, moderate or complex. We can suggest most crucial fix-its which will address the major pain points across scaling web applications or across web application security and work with your engineers to guide them and verify the implementations.

Tools and Technologies used at Atlogys

The various tools and techniques we use for performing EED services are as follows:

  1. Core fundamentals of computer science which allow us to study the code structure and detect loopholes in class interfaces, class definitions, method assumptions, data types, DB joins.
  2. Core DBA concepts so we may analyze the DB schemas
  3. Analysis of web services, external integrations, REST/SPAP calls – checks for authorization, authentication, throttling, data exchange
  4. Browser tools to detect client-side latency
  5. Industry standard security standards and procedures
  6. Release engineering and sysadmin tools to study deployment architecture
  7. Network tools that allow for web performance monitoring
  8. Open source web and mobile monitoring apps

Our Expertise

We have written and deployed code being used by billions of people all over the world. Our senior technologists have gained engineering insight and skills from working for the best and most challenging firms like Microsoft and Google. We bring in guidelines, processes, and standards for software development taught at premium most institutes for computer science like Carnegie Mellon, Bits Pilani, and IIT Delhi. We carry the experience of 8+ years of software development and a portfolio of many successful web and mobile businesses launched alike under our CTO guidance.

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