• rajiv_pooja

    Discipline in Us

    16 Nov 2018 @ Atlogys Office, New Delhi

    Our COO – Mr. Rajiv Madan and our HR Head – Pooja deliver a stimulating session on “4 ways to be more Disciplined”.

    Using Videos to send the real message across and showcasing how this can help our members be more productive and efficient at work and in life for overall success.

    Please find access to the Presentation and the Videos used during the workshop below

  • Rajiv Madan

    Re-Program Your Mind (For Positive Thinking)

    18 Oct 2018 @ Atlogys Office, New Delhi

    Positive Thinking and Positive Attitude go hand-in-hand. It is said that a ‘Great Doctor with a Bad attitude is indeed a very Bad Doctor’. If we think Positive we can be happy at all times, and we can accomplish all that we want with ease. We will further spread more positivity and helps others be positive as well thereby creating a domino effect.

    In this workshop our COO – Mr. Rajiv Madan showcases some interesting videos and presents how we can learn to think positive and why it is relevant.

    Please find access to the Presentation and the Videos used during the workshop below

  • atl-logo

    Series of 8 Workshops on ReactJS

    4 Jun 2018

    Mr. Sorabh Mehta – a Senior Tech Lead in React JS delivers highly interactive assessment based workshops internally to the Atlogys FE engineering team.
    – 4th June 2018 tech talk on Life Cycle of React Components
    7th June 2018 tech talk on Redux Basics With Synchronous Flow
    – 12th June 2018 Exercise done on React Js
    React is a core frontend technology at Atlogys. Continuous efforts are taken to train new members onto this technology and it is equally important for all engineers to stay updated with and in sync with the latest best practices.

  • wshops

    AWS Cloud Day

    15 May 2018 @ Pullman Hotel, Aerocity, Delhi

    The technical team at Atlogys attends the AWS cloud day to get in sync with the latest and best in the AWS cloud offerings. Specifically tuned at making GDPR compliant scalable apps, this 1 day cloud experience was enough to get us back on the R&D track with AWS.

    AWS AtlogysAWS Cloud at Atlogys
    AWS Cloud Day Rajat Jain

  • Rajat Jain

    Ivy Conversations: BlockChain and CryptoCurrency

    9 Feb 2018 Salcon Ras Vilas, Saket, Delhi

    The IvyPlus Network organized an event on BlockChain covering and examining the technology, its ethics, and its impact.
    The event included an Interactive Masterclass on Blockchain & Cryptocurrency by Mr Rajesh Dhuddu, who has 20+ years experience in Telecom, Payments & BPM domains. 
    Panel discussion involved : 
    1) Mr Anirudh Rastogi, Partner at TRA would speak on the legal implications of Blockchain
    2) Mr Abhinav Singh, Co-founder/CIO at Quadarch, a Blockchain based hedge fund would speak on the financial impact of Blockchain.
    3) Ms Nidhi Chamaria, Co-founder of Sofocle would share how the industry can leverage the power of Blockchain, with a focus on Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Logistics.

    blockchain atlogys BlockChain Ivy Conversation

  • Blockchain-Atlogys

    360 degree View of BlockChain

    23 Dec 2017 #NoFilter Cafe, SDA Market, Delhi

    There is a lot of Hype around Blockchain. In this workshop, a Senior Technologist from Atlogys Mr. Rajat jain attended and networked with famous Blockchain consultants like Mr. Ankit Malik (Ex-Facebook HQ, Barclays and WorldQuant), Mr. Abhinav Singh (Cheif Investment Officer – Quadarch Fund – India’s first Blockchain assets focused Investment firm) and MD Halim (Product Manager & Cryptocurrency Trader ).
    The workshop had discussions and sessions on topics like
    • Starting Your own Blockchain Startup 
    • Identifying Opportunities and Use-Cases
    • Choosing the Right Stack 
    • Raising Funds through ICOs and Investors 

  • vineet

    Dale Carnegie CERTIFICATION on Leadership

    6 Mar 2017 Park Plaza Hotel, Sushant Lok, Gurugram

    A 3-day interactive and internationally recognized training program on ‘Building Influence with Enhanced Communication & People Skills’ attended by some Atlogysts. Conducted by the Dale Carnegie Institute of India. At Atlogys, we are very proud and fortunate to bring this opportunity to our team members.

    >Dale Carnegie>Dale Carnegie CERTIFICATION

  • prabhat

    Pycon india Workshop

    23 Sep 2017 Convention Center, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi, India

    Atlogys Team members attended Pycon workshop – Demystifying the Django REST Framework and Docker by Rajat Jain & Prabhat Ranjan

    Pycon india

  • jeevan

    .Net MVC Framework

    26 Jul 2017 Sector 64 Noida, UP, India

    Advance .Net Workshop attended by Our Senior Engineer – Jeevan Pandey

    .Net Event